A Humanitarian Appeal to Save Rihab

Rihab Al Barghash, a handicapped women in her 40’s from Al Boukmal city near the Iraqi-Syrian border, who had to leave her city nine months ago due to her medical condition heading to Damascus in the hunt to find treatment for her kidney stone. She failed to reach Damascus. Then, she decided to be treated in Idleb city. For about a month, she shares a tent in Atama camp with her mother, sister, and her 15-year-old nephew along with another displaced family. ” Only displaced people who care to each other ” Rihab said.
The recent fierce attacks that were launched by the Russian warplanes on the northern areas have prevented Rihab to reach Idleb for treatment. The economic hardship, and the huge costs of transportation make a massive obstacle stands in her way for easing her pain as the stones move every day. As doctors in Bab Al Hawa hospital said, each extra day with this situation may cause kidney failure. They could do nothing but giving her some painkillers.
The administration of Bab Al Hawa crossing point refused to let Rihab cross into Turkey despite the fact that she was diverted to Turkey by Bab Al Hawa hospital.

“I have no breadwinner , I cannot move without my wheelchair , and there is not possibility for treatment in the camp. I call upon whoever can lend a helpful hand to me, either Turkish or Syrian brothers, in order to enter Turkey and get treated in the Turkish hospitals.”
We, at Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor, join Rihab hoping that we can get a listening ear, individuals or humanitarian agencies, to save Rihab.

نداء إنساني لإنقاذ رحاب

نداء إنساني لإنقاذ رحابلمعرفة القصة الكاملة على موقع المرصدhttps://jfldz.org/?p=3580

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