A letter from the Justice for Life Observatory in Deir al-Zour on confidence measures contained in UN Security Council Resolution 2254

To: 1-The UN chief appoints Staffan de Mistura as special envoy for Syria and his accompanying mission
2-The Supreme Body of the negotiations arising from the Riyadh conference.

.Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished greetings

As you know, still in the city of Deir ez-Zor neighborhoods located under the regime’s control, and has a population of 200 thousand people, half of them women and children, and they have been living since about a year under double siege laid by Daesh and Assad regime, where the lack of an almost complete for all the necessities of life, food and medicine in particular.
As stated in the tenth paragraph of Security Council resolution 2254 need for all parties in Syria confidence-building measures in order to contribute to the opportunities for a political process, said the resolution of some of these measures which must be implemented immediately, including what is stated in paragraph 12 of the resolution, which calls on all parties to allow immediately humanitarian agencies to quick access, security and non-disruptive to all parts of Syria, and through the shortest route and immediately allow humanitarian access to all those in need, especially all besieged areas which are difficult to access.
The Team decision states also called for support Syria to use its influence on the spot by pushing on the all parties to to reach these ends.
The Observatory demands the United Nations Mission accompanying the international envoy Staffan de Mistura for Syria and the Supreme Body for the negotiations:

1-Finding appropriate urgently ways for the entering aids to besieged areas under the domination of the Syrian regime in Deir Ezzor.

2-Reminding the international team to support Syria practicing pressure on the Syrian parties, particularly the Syrian regime to comply with the Security Council resolution and not to put obstacles in the way of humanitarian organizations and allow them to enter aids to the besieged neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor.

3-Considering the besieged neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor as stricken neighborhoods and working to save civilians without any delay.

Justice for Life Obesrvatory in Deir Ezzor 12/22/2015

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