A Person from Deir Ezzor Dies Following being released from Syria Democratic Forces’ Jails

JFL field researcher reported the death of Bassam Ragheb Al Mutlak about two weeks week later of he was released from SDF jails.

Bassam was born in 1971 in Al Mayadin city, east Deir Ezzor. He finished agricultural engineering and his military service. He was married and had five children. He joined ISIS immediately after controlling Deir Ezzor. He was assigned many tasks, including a military leader for some sectors such as Deir Ezzor desert, Al Busaira district, Subaikhan sub-distrcit, etc. he worked in agriculture and real estate directorates of ISIS.

JFL field research met two of Bassam’s relatives. They talked about his death. The two witnesses asked not mention their names or the relation nature with Bassam due to security reasons.

Following the military actions led by Syrian government forces in 2017, Bassam exited towards Al Qamishli. Bassam’s relatives told JFL “In September 2017, Bassam turned himself to SDF in Al Qamishli. He remained in SDF jails for 90 days. He was released and sent to Al Hol camp in Al Hasaka countryside. One month later, SDF again arrested him”.

Bassam’s relatives were not aware of his detention location until one year later despite their countless attempts to know his fate. They knew that he was arrested in Al Shaddadi jail, in Al Hasaka countryside. The witnesses added “We knew from a newly released detainee that Bassam has a stomach cancer, and he is going through dire situation. We asked from SDF to know more about his situation. We also offered to treat him on our expenses, bearing in mind that he did not suffer from such pains before his detention”.

Two months later, Bassam was released and delivered to his relatives, who were displaced in Al Tabqa city. Bassam’s relatives say “His health conditions were too bad. He was hospitalized two times; the first one his disease was diagnosed, and the second one to take and analyze a biopsy. No medical procedures, that should be made in such cases, were taken”.

Bassam passed away after two weeks of his release, and was buried in Al Tabqa city.

This is not the first time that SDF are accused for inhumane treatment towards the detainees, as JFL documented death of two persons under torture in one of SDF jails in Deir Ezzor. Also, JFL documented that dozens of detainees were humiliated and beaten.

SDF should take all necessary measures to inform the families of detainees of all available information about them.

SDF should save no effort to secure the required healthcare to the detainees, and to allow the humanitarian organizations to provide assistance in this regard.

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