A sheet on the current situation in the city of Deir-ez-Zor from September 2017 to April 2018

In addition to GOS forces, there are Russian forces and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, there are also military groups, where each of them receives orders and financial support from a different side.

Each force and military group controls a particular area and sets up a series of checkpoints to protect its headquarters, there is no a supreme authority capable of imposing its authority over all these forces and groups. Each one has the leadership which direct it without coordination or consultation with other forces.

Conflicts of interest and the desire to expand influence led to a conflict among these military groups which caused the killing and injury of civilians. JFL documented the death of 10 old children because of shooting between AL Quds brigade and the National defense in AL Wadi street which is near AL Joura neighborhood , A reporter for the Justice Organization reported that an exchange of fire took place between members of the State Security Branch and the “Martyr Muhammad al-Nuri” militia in the street near the civilian prison, resulting in the injury of civilians and killing of a member of the State Security Branch.

GOS leaderships attempted to control the security situation by forming a periodical force to impose security, this force is established by an order of the Commander of the military and security forces in the eastern area. This force consists of the Military Security Service – State Security – Political Security – Civil Police – Military Police – National Defense, but AL Quds brigade clashed with members of common forces which caused the injury of some of the civilians’ police members out of them an officer.

The sheet highlights the humanitarian, security and service conditions in the civilian neighborhoods of Deir-Ez-Zor.

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