About JFL

Justice for Life organization JFL  is a Syrian, independent, non-profit, non-governmental that works on promoting human rights in Syria.
It was established in 2015 by a number of human rights defenders and actors from Deir Ezzor province. This was a fruit of their individual and team defend for human rights in their communities, and documenting the human rights violations that are committed by different parties and powers who have been in the province since 2011, to make it as a platform and space for those who defend human rights and victims in order to advocate and defend their cases in accordance with a legal and professional course, so these violations and acts do not go by no just accountability. It also aims at promoting the human rights in the Syrian society and state on the political, behavioral, and cultural levels in order to ensure access for the victims and their relatives to their rights. In this endeavor, JFL expanded its work in 2016 to be an active and effective part in the national and international alliances and platforms concerned in human rights and documenting violations in Syria, and preparing the profiles of violations and crimes that took place against the Syrians since 2011 according to mechanism and methodologies compatible with international legal standards.
JFL team includes Syrian male and female activists and human rights defenders along with specialized supporting team that includes experts and specialists such as lawyers, judges, doctors, and journalists, who had a role and experience during the past years in the processes of documentations, defend, and advocacy towards human rights in their communities, and on the national level on the other hand, where they depend on their deep belief in principles and values of human rights.

JFL Vision
Syria is a justice and rule of law state where human rights are inviolable an enshrined.

JFL Mission
We work in a participatory manner with the exerted efforts locally and internationally in observing and following up the reality of human rights in Syria through observation, documentation, forming evidences, participating in initiating legal actions before courts and specialized parties, promoting the capacity of human rights defenders in Syria, and creating spaces for citizens, especially victims and the marginalized, to express and participate in the course of justice until reaching the state of law and citizenship.

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