Al Joura and Al Qusour The Forgotten Crime

In September 2012, Syrian government forces stormed the neighbourhoods of Al-Joura and Al-Qusour and perpetrated a crime that left hundreds of deaths. The forces committed field executions and burning the bodies of the victims along with detaining dozens of civilians, including those whose fate is still unknown.
When the government forces stormed the neighbourhood of Al-Joura and detained civilians, the neighbourhood residents fled towards Al-Wadi street. “When I came back home, which is located nearby Al-Muhajireen mosque, in the evening, I saw an appalling massacre as the troops detained the staff of Al Nima bakery in a house, then they sprayed a white substance on them, and burned all of them” Bha’a Sulieman says.
The witness adds “some bodies were completely charred and we could not identify them. I could identify the rest, including Abdullah Zuher, and two brothers; Khalil and Omar. All of them were buried in the park of Al-Muhajireen mosque”.
One witness said that government forces killed one whole family; “When we entered the house of Al Slaibi, we found in sitting room five bodies with a pool of blood; they were four young men along with one elderly. The bodies were decomposed and the worms were eating them. In the basement, wefound four bodies for the mother, two children, and one girl. All of them were executed by bullet in the head”.
Justice for Life organization conducted many investigations and the researchers of the organization interviewed sixteen witnesses. They also analysed dozens of photos and videos. Based on the abovementioned evidences, the committed crimes on September 25th, 26th, 27th, 2012 that included killing the whole family, pillage and looting houses, insulting dead bodies, delaying humanitarian aid, torturing, violating people whose relatives are of the opposition bodies, summary executions, terrorizing civilians, and burning civilians ‘properties are in violation of all international norms and laws, and must be investigated.
Justice for Life organization demands to work on the required actions to refer this case to related justice including International Criminal Court or hoc tribunals. It also demands all Syrian parties, international community, and international organizations to assume their responsibilities in investigating those crimes, to hold the perpetrators accountable, and guarantee a non-recurrence.

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