Al Mayadin Decrease of Civilians Desire to Return and Prevalence of Foreign Militias

Following the large scale of the regular forces on the city in the second half of 2017, the city residents including the locals and IDPs were displaced due to the indiscriminate shelling by the regular forces warplanes that resulted in death and injury of dozens of people long with the destruction of properties.

Currently, the Syrian regular forces along with foreign allied militias are controlling the city. Al Mayadin witnessed the returning of about ten thousand people, including three thousand people from other Syrian areas, some of them are from Deir Ezzor, and others from Aleppo countryside.

JFL correspondent said “The influx of returning of civilians decreased in the last year due to many reasons including winter season, fear of collapse of security situation following the US decision of troops withdrawal from Syria, and fearing from ISIS expanding its operations in the areas of south of the river”.


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