An Appeal from Deir Ezzor camps

With the onset of winter, the dire humanitarian situations of the internally-displaced people (IDPs) in Deir Ezzor camps, either in the organized or the random ones, increased as tents were washed away by the rainwater, along with the severe shortage in humanitarian relief.

This paper highlights the humanitarian conditions in seven camps located in SDF held areas in Deir Ezzor province.

Organized camps; which are supervised by the local authorities and receive humanitarian relief from different organizations and agencies.

Random camps; which are not supervised by the local authorities and receive low quantities of relief irregularly.

Suffering of Some Camps in Deir Ezzor:

First: Abu Khashab Camp:

It is located in Abu Khashab village, which is subordinated to Al Kasra sub-district. The camp is considered as the only one that is supervised by the local authorities. It hosts more than (500) displaced families who fled from different areas. It also hosts displaced families from Iraq and families of ISIS fighters.

A number of IDPs in this camp stated to JFL correspondent many problems and challenges they face including;

  • Personal documentations of the camp residents are taken by the camp management in order not to leave the camp.
  • The long distant between the camp and the populated areas where the markets and water sources.
  • Lack of water as a number of organizations and agencies rent water tankers to provide the camp with water.

The camp residents confirmed that the camp conditions got worse by the onset of winter.

On October 26th 2018, many tents were destroyed by the rain storm. It forced dozens of families to sleep outdoor for three days. International organizations provided (500) new tents.

One of the personnel of a humanitarian organization that works in the camp told JFL correspondent that the camp management rejected a request to mobile the camp with no reasons. The same request was raised by number of families in the camp

Second: Jazrat AL Buhmaid Camp:

It is considered one of the biggest random camps in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. It is located in the village of Jazrat Al Buhmaid, which is subordinated to Al Kasra sub-district. It hosts about (700) displaced families. The majority of the camp residents fled from the areas that were controlled by the Syrian regular forces in the south of Euphrates River, or from the areas where battle are taking place between SDF and ISIS in the south of the river.

A number of the camp residents confirmed the dire conditions and no relief have not been provided for more than three months. They also confirmed the outbreak of diseases such as infections and diarrhea among children in particular due to cold weather and storms that hit the area.

Third: Zghair Camp:

It is located in the desert of Zghair village in Al Kasra sub-district, the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. It is a cluster of shattered tents. It hosts about (100) displaced families, most of them fled from Ayyash village and other villages that are controlled by the Syrian regular forces.

A number of the camp residents told JFL correspondent that they suffer from poor tents that has been used for about one year. They also confirmed that they have not received any relief support for more than four months. Also, they stated that there are not medical services as the health centers are distant Al Kasra hospital, which is the nearest one, is 20km away from the camp.


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