Continuous Bombardment … and civilians drown on the way of Displacement


The Islamic state group controls major parts of Deir Ezzor city since July 2014, after it dominated the strongholds of the opposition factions and Jabhat Al-Nousra in Deir Ezzor.

The neighborhoods of Al-Sina,a,Kanamat,KHasarat,Al-Mataar Al-Kadim,Al-Sheikh Yaseen,Al-Hamidiyah,Al-Orrdey,Al-Ommal,Al-Takaya street,Al-Hawika,Al-Rushdia and a part of Al-Jbila neighborhood are under the domination of the Islamic state group.

Those neighborhoods have witnessed several major incidents between 1 and 10 August 2017.

Illustrative map of the Islamic state group-Held neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor city

Intensive bombing on the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor:

Airstrikes most likely by the Syrian regime forces and allies warplanes targeted various positions in the neighborhoods under the domination of the Islamic state group in Deir Ezzor City, as they targeted Al-Ommal neighborhood on 1st of August At 5:00 am.

On 2nd of August fighter jets targeted Al-Orrdey neighborhood At 10:00 am, and targeted Al-Ommal neighborhood at 11:25 am, the regime forces targeted Al-Sheikh Yaseen neighborhood by a mortar shell at 8:00 pm.

On 4th of August airstrike targeted Kanamat neighborhood At 3:30 am, and on the 5th of the same month another airstrike was carried out on Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood caused the death of Abd Al-Hamid Al-Mithkal, the next day warplanes targeted a building in Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood which caused the collapse of it besides the injury of one person.


Abd Al-Hamid Al-Mithkal, was killed due to An Airstrike most likely by the Syrian regime forces on Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood on 5 August 2017.

The warplanes targeted Khasarat neighborhood at 3:30 am, and targeted Al-Matar Al-Kadim neighborhood at 7 am.

On 8 August the regime forces targeted Al-Takaya street with 5 missiles causing serious injuries among civilians.

The displacement of civilians from the neighborhoods of the city:

the displacement of civilians from the neighborhoods controlled by the Islamic state group in Deir Ezzor city toward Al-Hasakah province,the North of Syria and SDF-Held areas in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor for the following reasons:

*the repeated bombardment on the parts of the city.

*the announcing of Conscription by the Islamic state on 5 August with a time limit of four days for the young men between 20 and 30 years old to enroll.

*the detention operations by the Islamic state, as on 1st of August the Islamic state group arrested a young Man at the water crossing point used by civilians to cross into the northern countryside from Deir Ezzor city, and arrested a young man wearing a veil as the Islamic state prevented civilians from wearing it.

Civilian victims on the way of displacement:

A woman, her daughter and a man from Deir Ezzor city drowned in the Euphrates river while they were trying to cross from Madan town in the countryside of Al-Raqqa toward the SDF-Held areas, the civilians are not allowed to get out of the areas controlled by the Islamic state, and that oblige civilians to walk in booby-trapped roads or cross the river into the safe areas beyond the control of the Islamic state group.

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