The Death of 28 civilians in Deir Ezzor … one of them died due to the extreme heat and lack of water

The justice for life organization has documented number of civilians were killed in several areas in Deir Ezzor province over the past four days.

The resources of the JFL said that on the date of 25/7/2017 a member of the Islamic state and he is from Muhasan city was killed in the bombardment of the fighter jets on Madan.

The resources clarified that on the date of 26/7/2017 a person died due to the extreme heat and lack of water while he was trying to pass from the areas controlled by Syrian democratic forces into the Islamic state-held areas, and he was from Al-Khraita town.

The resources added that Nine civilians including children and women were killed in aerial bombardment targeted Al-Taiba village, whereas seven civilians with women and children among them were killed during three airstrikes targeted Al-Bukamal city, moreover a civilians died of his injuries due to aerial bombardment targeted Al-Mayadin city, in the same regard two civilians from Deir Ezzor city were killed in Airstrikes targetd Al-Raqqa city.

The resources of the JFL continued:” on 27/7/2017 a young man from Boqruss Tahtani village was shot dead by the Turkish border forces while he was trying to cross into turkey, on the date of 28/7/2017 four airstrikes targeted Al-Mayadin city and led to the death of two people, one of them is a detained in the Islamic state prisons.

An airstrike targeted Marat town without any casualties reported, whereas another airstrike on Al-Taiba village led to the death of five civilians including women and children.

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