The death of Eight people from Deir Ezzor in several areas … And a landing operation nearby Al-Bukamal

The JFL organization has documented the death of Eight people from the locals of Deir Ezzor in several areas including two women, whereas fighter jets targeted the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor and some positions in the countryside with a number of Airstrikes.

The reporter of the JFL said:” the death of a woman from Deir Ezzor in aerial bombardment on Al-Thawrah city in Al-Raqqa province has been documented on 18/4/2017, whereas the JFL documented the death of a woman with her daughter and others injured due to aerial bombardment on Al-Hamidiyah in Deir Ezzor on the date of 19/4/2017 .

The reporter explained :” A person from Muhasan city in the countryside of Deir Ezzor was killed in the ongoing clashes in Al-Qaboun neighborhood east of the capital Damascus”.

The reporter added:” the death of a soldier from the factions has been documented, he was from Hatla village in the countryside of Deir Ezzor and was killed in the battles of Hama against the regime forces, on the date of 23/4/2017 the death of soldier from Al-Shheel was fighting with the faction against the regime forces in Hama,s countryside has been documented, another soldier from Mahkan town was killed in the horizon battles against the Islamic state , whereas a member of the Islamic state from Muhasan was killed in the battles against the regime forces in Deir Ezzor”.

The reporter continued:” several Airstrikes targeted Al-Tharda mountain,the cemetery,Al-Panorama farms,Al-Bogeleyyah and the surrounding of brok hill in Deir Ezzor, in conjunction with sporadic clashes in those areas, Al-Asharah town was targeted with an Airstrike on 20/4/2017 without any civilian casualties”.

He added:” on 21/4/2017 Al-Tharda mountain and Al-Hawika neighborhood in Deir Ezzor were targeted with several Airstrikes, whereas the area nearby the call center in Al-Mayadin city was targeted without any casualties, on 23/4/2017 Al-Mayadin city was targeted one more time with an Airstrike around 3:00 am , that airstrike led to the destruction of civilian houses and injuries among civilians, several airstrikes targeted Al-Takaya street at dawn and caused material damage to the shops, in addition to the destruction of a building in Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood on the residents, and casualties among civilians”.

On the other hand … helicopters with coverage of fighter jets performed a landing operation nearby Al-Ahmar oil station in the countryside of Al-Bukamal , the sound of limited clashes was heard from the side of the landing position, there,s no information about this operation , but it is likely to arrest members of the Islamic state.

  In the neighborhoods under the besiege of the Islamic state, the airdropping of food aid continued as the red crescent receive them and distributes them to civilians.

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