Deirezzor, Report of November 2015

  1. Areas Controlled by Syrian Regime

1.1- Living Situation

Twelve months went by since the siege has been laid on the neighborhoods of Al Jura, Al Qusour, Al Bughayleyya, and Harabish without any intention for changing the situation. The Syrian Regime prevents the humanitarian organizations from using the airport of Deir Ezzor for entering food, depending only on the small quantities that entered by the traders who are related to the regime. Those traders exploit the needs of the civilians and increase greatly the prices.

On the other hand, “Islamic State” organization still refuses to enter food or medical items to the besieged neighbourhoods and threatening the civilians to kill them in case they stay in those neighbourhoods.

This month, the besieged areas suffered from an extreme crisis of bread due to the breakdown of most of bakeries and the shortage of yeast; the price of bread packet was increased to five times, then it was returned after few days to its normal price. The price of fuel was increased due to the little quantities that were entered and the high demand on it. Moreover, the province is passing through a very cold winter.

Security Apparatus members increased the amounts required from the civilians to leave the city; one million Syrian pounds for travelling by air, and five hundred thousand Syrian pounds for travelling by road.

The province  distributed on 29/11/2015 food parcels with value of 5500 SP to the employees of governmental directorates.

1.2 – Services Status

The besieged neighborhoods are provided with water every two days. It was recorded that the water is soiled and hard to reach to some neighborhoods, where some people have to buy and bring water by mobile tanks as two hundred liters with amount of five hundred Syrian pounds.

The blackout has been continuing since 25/03/2015 without any intention from the regime to repair the failure. The prices of fuel were still high as follows;

One liter of benzene by three thousand five hundred Syrian pounds

One liter of diesel by nine hundred Syrian pounds

One liter of paraffin by eight hundred fifty Syrian pounds

Firewood is still at high price; one hundred fifty Syrian Pounds.

1.3- Health Status

The basic medicine is almost run out in the besieged neighborhoods and some traders exploit this situation to bring the medice and sell it at very high prices to the pharmacies, where the civilians have to buy pill by pill of their needed medicne.

The Observatory recorded the death of seven people including two children and two women due to sickness and hunger.

Decrees Issued by Regime:

  • The Regime issued a decree whereby the employees of the local administration must get the approval of the governor for specifying the directorates which they should attend in case they leave Deir Ezzor to another province in addition to the approval of the related ministry. The local administration includes education, agriculture, health, services, and municipality. The governor rejected most of requests. In case that the employee did not get the approval, they shall be considered as absent from their work.
  • The Regime Government issued a decree, for the employees who have not attend to their work since 01/01/2015, to attend in the closest governmental directorate and considering the period of absence as unpaid leave.

1.4- Security Situation

The National Defense Militia that affiliated to regime confiscated the big trucks that owned by the civilians in the besieged neighborhoods and they used them either for military purposes or for personal usage. The regime launched a campaign of arrest against the young men whose age between 18-42 to be recruited to serve military service. Young men who have educational exemption are exposed to many means of pressures to be recruited; by pull or push.

The Observatory recorded the death of five people from Deir Ezzor due to the torture they received in the jails of the regime. Likewise, it was recorded that “Islamic State” organization targeted the besieged neighborhoods with fifty four mortar shells and local-made shells that caused the death of three people including one woman.

The Observatory recorded the death of two members affiliated to National Defense Militia in the battles of the airport.


  1. Areas Controlled by “Islamic State” organization

2.1 – Security Situation

During November, the organization launched an extensive campaign of arrest  where it was increased by the increase of air attacks against its headquarters by the international coalition. This campaign targetted hundreds of youngmen and religious men like the previous  Mufti of Al Boukmal aged seventy five years old, and especially belonged to Free Syrian Army and other Armed Groups. The campaign targeted also some women. It is forbidden to leave the areas dominated by the organization unless a shareea course is attended for both men and women.

“Islamic State” organization has conducted twenty seven execution sentences all over the province with different charges such as Ridda, blasphemy, dealing with external parts. Moreover, the organization has cut off the hands of three people as Had Al Sareqa (punishment for steal)in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor,  in addition to throwing stones at two women until death by the charge of adultery ( Syrian and Iraqi women). Likewise, the organization threw one person from a very high building in al Mayadin city by the charge of homosexuality.

It was recorded that one person died in the jails of the organization due to the torture he received for dealing with external parts.

The organization offered a reward of four hundred dollars for each person who gives information about the houses owned by wanted people and four dollars for a shop.

The International Coalition and the Russian Air fighters have conducted extensive raids against different areas in Deir Ezzor and caused death for eighty six civilians including fourteen women and ten children. The raids targeted the fields of Al Omar, Al Jafra, Dero, and Al Tanak along with Conoco Gas field.

The air fighters of the regime threw papers with a message says civilians must leave their areas and go to the areas controlled by the regime, bearing in mind that the organization prevent people to go to those areas.

The observatory recorded the death of sixteen young men from Deir Ezzor who were killed in the battles that took place in the province and in other provinces including a child aged fifteen years old and nine years old in the battles of rural Damascus, Aleppo, and Hama.

Some headquarters and mobile checkpoints were attacked in Deir Ezzor especially in Al Mayadin , Al Boukmal , and Al Busayra where at least six members affiliated to the organization were killed. Moreover, one hundred mobile tanks were destroyed by the air raids.

The organization has executed some affiliated members by the different charges such as homosexuality and attempts to defection. One of the executed members is Wali al Hesba in Al Boukamal who is Tunisian.

2.2 – Health Status

The organization mobilized the medical equipment from the National Hospital in Al Boukamal to Iraqi teritories. The organization seperated the specialization of children from women in Aysha Hospital in Al Mayadin.

So-called Diwan al Sahha ( Health Department)has organized a campaign for Vaccines in all over dominated areas in Syria and it established a central office in Al Raqqa with the title ( Operation room of Al Sham Vaccines) for supervising the campaign. The campaign was not successful since the centers did not depend on mobile teams, and the campaign could not cover more than 30% of the targeted children.

So-called Diwan al Sahha ( Health Department) has closed more than ninety pharmacies in Deir Ezzor for the following reasons;

  • The pharmacy that is not registered in So-called Diwan al Sahha ( Health Department)
  • The physician doe not live in the areas dominated by the organization.
  • The pharmacy that is owned by a physician who lives in the regime-controlled areas.

2.3 – Education Sector

The organization opened schools in some areas such as Al Ishara ( one school) and Al Mayadin ( three schools, one for females up to sixth grade, and two for males up to ninth grade). Then, the organization stopped the educational activity in Al Ishara due to bad turnout of students. İt is expected to expand this decision to other areas.

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