Eight people from Deir Ezzor were killed in several areas .. And the Islamic state targeted Al-Tanaf crossing with a car bomb

The JFL organization has documented a person from Marrat town in Deir Ezzor  was killed in the battles of Halfaya in Hama province against the regime forces, meanwhile the Islamic state blew up a car bomb in Al-Tanaf border crossing.

Our reporter said:” that person is a fighter of Tahrir Al-Sham organization , his death was documented on 7/4/2017, Explaining that the Islamic state attacked Al-Tanaf border crossing with a car bomb and two suicide bombers which caused the death of two people , one of them is from Al-Bukamal and the other is from Al-Sabhah , and this border crossing is under the domination of Maghaweir Al-Thawra”.

The reporter added:” the Islamic state targeted Al-Jura neighborhood by several mortar shells and caused the death of two people from the same neighborhood , one of them is a 15 years old child, in the same regard , a woman from Al-Dahla village died in Al-Hawl camp due to the deterioration of her health situation and the lack of the medical care”.

He continued:” two people from Al-bu Amr town were killed on 10/4/2017 , the first one in the ongoing battles of Deir Ezzor, and the second one in the battles of Palmyra and he is barely 15 years old”.

Our reporter confirmed that Harabish neighborhood which is under the control of the regime forces , and the besiege of the Islamic state , is living in a very bad situation , the person take just half bread loaf , the residents of the neighborhood are eating the cultivated herbs and some of the stored food in the airport , which is being sold at very high prices.

Fighter jets which are most likely belong to the US-led coalition targeted the Iraqi-Syrian borders with several airstrikes , in addition to the targeting of the oil refineries in Al-Ghabrah village in Al-Bukamal countryside , and that caused major damages to the refineries , in the same regard… fighter jets which are most likely belong to the the Syrian regime forces targeted Al-Tharda mountain with a number of Airstrikes.

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