Forty-seven civilians were killed in Deir Ezzor and Al-Mayadin cities in July 2017

The regime forces and their allies still targeting the Islamic state-Held areas in Deir Ezzor city which caused 5 casualties including a girl-child.

The resources of the justice for life organization mentioned that warplanes carried out two airstrikes on Al-Ommal and Al-Hamidiya At the noon of 3 July, another airstrike targeted Al-Hamidiyah on the date of 11 July, and a third one targeted Al-Orrdey on the date of 14 July.

The resources added:” two airstrikes targeted the neighborhoods of Kanamat and Al-Hamidiyah on 16 July, moreover the regime forces targeted the crossing point which is used by civilians to cross into the northern countryside with a missile.

Jamal Jawish, he was killed on the date of 11 July due to An Airstrike on Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood


     Mariam, the daughter of the victim Jamal Jawish ,  she was killed in Aerial bombardment targeted Al-Hamidiyah neighborhood on the date of 12 July 2017

Heavy aerial bombardment targeted several positions of Al-Mayadin city east of Deir Ezzor province in July 2017.

Al-Mayadin – the effects of aerial bombardment targeted the city on 10/7/2017

Al-Mayadin – airstrikes targeted the city on 10/7/2017

The justice for life organization documented 28 airstrike targeted Al-Mayadin and Al-Tayba village in July, those airstrikes targeted civilian positions, and 21 of the airstrikes were likely carried out by the regime forces and their allies, whereas the US-led coalition is likely responsible for the other 7 airstrikes, that heavy aerial bombardment led to the death of 43 civilians including 17 children and 5 women.

M,hidi Al-Masnd (Abu Jaber) a victim of aerial bombardment targeted Al-Mayadin on the date of 16 July 2017.

Mohannad Saleh Al-Khlaif, was killed in bombardment on Al-Mayadin on 8 July 2017

The airstrikes were as follows:

8th of July airstrike targeted Al-Mahareem neighborhood.

10th of July, three airstrikes which were likely by the US-led coalition targeted the vicinity of the electric company and Al-Shar,iah mosque.

15th of July, An airstrike which was likely carried out by the US-led coalition targeted the vicinity of Khawla bint Al-Azwar school.

16th of July, 10 airstrikes targeted the shops, houses and Al-Sharq hospital at 8 am.

19th July, three airstrikes targeted the vicinity of Al-Saraya and Othman bin Afan mosque at 5 pm.

July 22, US-led likely airstrike targeted a civilian car nearby Al-Baloum neighborhood in Al-Mayadin city.

July 24, Airstrike targeted Al-Arbi,in street at 8 am.

July 26, airstrike at morning.

July 28, Airstrike targeted a prison belongs to the Islamic state at noon.

July 28, two airstrikes at noon.

July 28, one airstrike targeted Al-Taiba village in Al-Mayadin countryside.

July 29, An airstrike targeted the road between the Agricultural Bank and the electric company.

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