Four People Killed in Al Tayyana Village

Justice for Life organization presents the available details throughout this summary on the death of four people by guns in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor on May 16th 2018.


Syrian Government Forces from one side, and Syria Democratic Forces from the other one, were able to recapture most of the province of of Deir Ezzor from ISIS. SDF controlled most of the towns and villages in Deir Ezzor countryside, north of Euphrates river throughout the battles called Al Jazeera Storm, which started September 9th 2017 with support of the US-led international coalition. On the other hand, Syrian government forces recaptured the cities, towns, and villages located in the south of the river.

Al Tayyana Village Location:

Al Tayyana is located in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor in the north of the river. It subordinates to Theeban town. SDF took it over within the battle of Al Jazeera Storm.

Security Status in the Village and its Outskirts:

The village and the surrounding ones has a fragile security condition as the level of stealing and robbery of the motorcycles, cellphones, and money is high. This led the locals to stay at home after the sunset, except for emergency cases. Despite the notable presence of SDF fighters, yet they do not play the required role in terms of maintaining security of the civilian’s souls and properties.

Who Are the Victims?

Justice for Life organization documented the names of the four victims, and according to JFL correspondent, they were civilians who have been never affiliated to any armed faction, and they were working as technicians in opening oil wells.

Sufian Ibrahim Al Huwaish, from Al Tayyana village and was born in 1973

Abdulrazzaq Ibrahim Al Huwaish, from Al Tayyana village and was born in 1978

Mohammad Rashid Al Abd, from Al Tayyana village and was born in 1981

Yasser A Abd, IDP from Deir Ezzor city to Theeban Town , he was born in 1978

Incident Details:

On May 16th 2018, four people were killed by gun shots on their vehicle while they were heading to their work in in Al Tanak oil field. JFL correspondent says that the victims left their homes at 07:30 on a Hyundai pick-up. When they arrived in Jamma area nearby the train rail at 08:00, they were shot by four armed people wearing masks on two motorcycles. Despite the victims attempt to escape, their attempt was in vain due to extensive shooting. Local sources confirmed that the masked people did not leave the crime scene unless they were assured that the victims were dead.

This incident is considered one of a kind in the village. This incident provoked fear among the area people as the civilians were not able to reach the crime scene until three days later. The civilians expressed their anger towards the reaction of SDF as the latter took no actions in investigation to know who are beyond this crime.

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