“He Has Been Killed Through No Fault”

A Testimony of Hazem Hogan on Killing the Child Mohammad Mulla Issa by Syrian Security Members in 2011


Justice for Life Organization interviewed Mr. Hazem Ibrahim Hogan, who was a witness of the incident where members of the Syrian Security Apparatus killed the child Mohammad Abdulsalam Mulla Issa in Deir Ezzor city.

Thw witness narrated the incident details and how it was a turning point in the demonstrations against the Syrian authorities in Deir Ezzor.


The Syrian government forces stormed the city of Deir Ezzor for the first time in August 2011 after dozens of tanks besieged the city. The goal behind the assault is to stop the demonstrations that were in the streets of the province. Thousands of civilians fled the city fearing from the military campaign towards another provinces. The security forces arrested hundreds of young men, especially those who were participating or provoking those demonstrations. They were exposed to harsh torture. Those forces burned a number of houses and stole a number of shops. The Syrian authorities were able to block huge demonstrations following this military campaign.

Dozens of young men resorted to small and limited demonstrations due to the new situation in order to express their rejection and objection of the Syrian authorities’ procedures and to confirm the continuity of peaceful demonstrations. Those demonstrations were including limited number of participants as they were countered by random and indiscriminate bullets by Syrian security members.

Who is the Child Mohammad?

Mohammad Abdulsalam Al Mulla Issa is from Deir Ezzor. He was studying in Al Basel High school for Outstanding Students in the city. He was killed while he was in a demonstration when he was in his 10th grade.

Pro-government Demonstration Is Turned into Anti-government One

On November 13th 2011, the Syrian authorities forced all schools students and public sector employees to participate in a pro-government demonstration. Hazem Hogan says “I did not respond to those invitations, along with a number of my colleagues, and we headed to Al Firdaus Mosque at 11:00, in al Jbaila neighborhood to join an anti-government demonstration that was to be launched nearby that mosque. We met a group of students who participated in that demonstration, then they started shouting anti-government cheers. Those demonstrators were coming from Al Basel School and the child Mohammad was one of them”.

“We were about twenty people who were shouting anti-government cheers. When we arrived to the square of Haweeja in our way to Al Jbaila neighborhood, three armed security members who were wearing civilian clothes closed to us. They hit one of the students on his head by the pistol grip and resulted in injuries” he added.

The victim Mohammad Al Mulla Issa

Mohammad is Killed:

The demonstrators broke it up as one of security members assaulted on one of the demonstrators. Hazem says “We ran, me and Mohammad, fleeing from security members. I headed towards Al Nasara Park that is close to Al Jbaila neighborhood. I heard the sound of five bullets and I expected that they were random ones. Then, I returned to Haweeja square to see what is going on. I saw Mohammad on the ground. I, with another person, hospitalized him in taxi to Al Nour hospital. The taxi driver did not stop in front of the hospital gate fearing from being seen while he hospitalizes an injured person as it this act was considered crime”.

Meanwhile, Mohammad was in critical situation and he was not responding to others calls. Hazem continues “I did not realize the critical case of Mohammad despite the fact that his blood was on my clothes. We headed to Al Rae hospital. One of the doctors told us after few minutes that he passed away as a bullet penetrated his shoulder”.


Mohammad Al Mulla Issa After His Death

Al Mulla Issa Was a Turning Point in Deir Ezzor:

Hazen Hogan confirmed that the killing of Mohammad Al Mulla Issa was a turning point in the anti-government movement in Deir Ezzor. He says “The family, relative, and friends of Mohammad took him from the hospital urgently fearing from the security members, who were taking the bodies of the victims and sometimes they do not give them to their families. People gathered nearby the house of Mohammad’s family and started shouting against the government. His funeral turned into a big demonstration. Thousands of civilians came on the third following day and started shouting against the government in the time that demonstrations were limited and people were fearing from those demonstrations and the brutal reaction of the Syria security. The security members were provoking his family as they were walking around his family house and making the victory sign”.

Hazem ends his testimony to JFL by saying “The thing that I cannot understand is that an outstanding child with high morals was killed through no fault, and his death remained and an endless pain inside my heart, his family, and everyone knew him”.

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