Human Rights and Local Community in Deir Ezzor

This factsheet is a part of a research paper being ongoing by Justice for Life organization to get a closer look at the knowledge of the local community of Deir Ezzor, eastern Syria, with the term of human rights, sources of this knowledge, whether there are any actors that work on preserving, defending, and claiming human rights. It also explores the role of local authorities, either it is a supportive or obstructive one. Furthermore, it raises the question that whether the prolonged war during past years has opened up the opportunity to learn more about these rights, or conversely, has given negative reactions. In the end, is there any desire for human rights organizations to play their part, and what are the most prominent challenges for such mission?

Justice for Life organization conducted a survey that targeted 853 subjects from the local community.In their definition of human rights, 624 respondents talked about part of these rights as they believe. Their answers are classified as following, according to the most frequent rights to the less ones; the rights to education and health care are severely threatened by neglect of local authorities as thousands of civilians are deprived from it.

There are no equal opportunities for employment, corruption and nepotism play a prominent role in the selection of staff in state administrations or in areas out of government control.

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