Jarir Kdaib Who Was Killed Because He Was Distributing Humanitarian Aid

 Justice for Life organization interviewed Mr. Yazan Kdaib, the brother of Jarir who was killed by a sniper of government forces in 2012.


Jarir Kdaib  – Source: Yazan Kdaib


Background on Jarir

In his witness, Yazan talked about his brother activities, who was killed when he was in eleventh class “ Jarir was a high school student who participated in the peaceful demonstrations of Deir Ezzor province. In 2012, Jarir was in Al haweeqa neighborhood, in Deir Ezzor city. Both the suspended bridge and Al Syasia one was under control of government forces. The only work that Jarir used to do is to distribute humanitarian aid to the civilians along with a group of friends”.

Yazan continues “ Jarir was with a group of Deir Ezzor young men from the city of Deir Ezzor, in collaboration with a humanitarian organization, were entering humanitarian aid as they were distributing them in Al Mustafa mosque. Their work focused on Al Haweeqa neighborhood. As for the rest of the armed opposition held areas, other groups were doing this task. The humanitarian aid vehicles were able to enter those neighborhoods after paying money to members of the government forces checkpoints”.

Shooting Jarir

Yazan talked about the gun shot that killed his brother “ In July 2012, at 05:00, I was with Jarir and two friends heading to cross from the eastern part to the western one  of Al Haweeqa neighborhood. In the governor street, nearby Ayyash house, a member of political security apparatus shot Jarir with a PKC bullet. The bullet entered Jarir’s armpit and penetrated his chest and lungs”.

Yazan says “Shooting Jarir was a warning from targeting more civilians in Deir Ezzor. The government forces checkpoints started to prevent humanitarian aid vehicles to enter and started shooting civilians. They targeted a civilian bus on Al Baath bridge. They also snipped a man who was crossing the checkpoint of Al Khadamat[1] in Al Haweeqa, despite the fact that the checkpoint members allowed him to pass.

Attempt of Saving Jarir

Yazan hospitalized his brother to Al Sae hospital. He described the situation inside the hospital “The electricity in Al Sae hospital was generated by a diesel generator and the diesel was paid by civilians throughout individual donations. Likewise, the oxygen cylinders were provided on the expenses of individuals and in very difficult conditions. Most of the doctors in the hospital was not specialized and a number of them was still students. They were between 5 to 7 doctors who are not be available permanently in the hospital”.

Jarir in Al Sae Hospital – Source: His Brother

Yazan continues “ The bullet shot the backbone as Jarir lost feeling with his feet. The doctors made a surgery operation to him but in vain. It was too necessary to bring him to a well-equipped hospital with experienced staff. We decided to transport him to Al Raqqa, however, we could not as his critical case needed an ambulance with a respirator instrument. It was not available in that ambulance. The only ambulance which was equipped with this instrument was those of the Health directorate, but it was impossible to use them”.

The government forces targeted the hospital with shells while Jarir was there. Doctors moved Jarir to the only remaining room that was equipped with respirator. Jarir passed away due to his injury when he was less than 18-year-old and buried in Al Haweeqa neighborhood.

Jarir after He Died – Source: His Brother

[1] It was named Al Khadamat checkpoint as it was positioned in front of the technical service institution.

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