The JFL documented the death of eight people… and fighter jets of the US-led coalition are bombing Al-Bukamal

The JFL has documented number of people were killed in several areas, and several airstrikes on Deir Ezzor province.

The reporter of the JFL has mentioned the :” the JFL has documented the death of two people from Al- khuraytah village in Deir Ezzor on 21/3/2017 ,  they were belong to the governmental forces and they were killed in the battles of Jobar in eastern of the capital Damascus, in the same regard , the death of a person from Al-Shheel village who belongs to Tahrir ALSham organization in the clashes of Hama countryside has been documented.

The reporter added :” on 22/3/2017 the death of a person from Boqruss due to an airstrike outside of Deir Ezzor province was documented in addition to another person from Jadid baqqara was killed in the battles of Hama against the regime forces, On 23/3/2017 the JFL documented two people from the regime forces were killed in the clashes of the Airport against the Islamic state , another civilian from Al-Boleel was killed due to the aerial bombardment by the US-led coalition on Al-Tabqah city”.

The reporter said:” fighter jets which are most likely belong to the US-led coalition targeted several positions in Al-Bukamal on 24/3/2017 at 8:00 pm , he explained that the targets were : an SUV belongs to the Islamic state was nearby the industrial area,a position nearby AlNasawi school and a House in the outskirt of AlJameiat neighborhood, fighter jets dropped flare bombs on the desert of AlAhmar oil station, fighter jets which are most likely belong to the Syrian regime forces targeted Al-Hawiqa and Al-Roshdyah neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor and the Airport of Deir Ezzor with several Raids.

The prices of food in the besieged neighborhoods under the domination of the regime forces as follows:

Flour (two sorts ) 300-700 s.p per kilo

Groats 700 s.p per kilo

Macaroni 1000 s.p per kilo

Semolina 300 s.p per kilo

Crushed wheat 800 s.p per kilo

Sugar 3500 s.p per kilo

Tea 16000 s.p per kilo

Oil 3500 s.pper kilo

Margarine 6000 s.p per kilo

Rice 750 s.p per kilo

Crushed lentils 450 s.p per kilo

Lentils 250 s.p per kilo

Tomato paste 6500 s.p per kilo

Sugar essence (20 grams ) 900 s.p

Red meet 7000 s.p per kilo

Chicken 4000 s.p per kilo

One egg 500 s.p

 And about the medical services … there are two clinics working in the besieged neighborhoods , one of them is in the mosque of Khaled Bin AlWaleed, and the other is in AlJurah neighborhood behind AlNasawi middle institute , the civilians are occasionally allowed to get into the military hospital , and AlAssad hospital is working sparingly.

The bakeries in service are AlMothafin,AlDeir AlAatiq and AlJaz bakeries after khaled Bin AlWaleed bakery burned.

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