JFL Welcomes the UN Security Council Resolution 2336 and Calls for Neutralizing the Civilians

the international community laid a foundation stone of ending the misery of the Syrian people by adopting the UN security council resolution 2336, on December 31st 2016, that welcomed the Russian-Turkish efforts for a nation-wide ceasefire.

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor welcomes the UN security council resolution, which is considered as an achievement that needs to be followed by other steps in order to urge the conflict’ parties to sit around the table of serious political negotiations that put an end to the bloody six-year war, bring peace to the Syrian people and pave the way for transforming Syria into a democratic state that respects human rights.

This resolution excludes a number of parties including Islamic State group, since it is designated as a terrorist group, that controls vast territories in Deir Ezzor and other areas.

Hence, Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor calls for not using this exclusion as an excuse for targeting the areas that are resided by civilians and civilian objects. It stresses the importance of neutralizing the civilians entirely in these areas and to subject the military actions to the rules of the international humanitarian law.

It also demands to find a clear mechanism for observing the violations that are practiced by government forces and their allies, along with US-led coalition against the civilians.




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