Justice for Life Observatory in Deir EzZor Tenth Month Report

Areas under the Regime’s control:

Living situation:

The besiege is still in play on the “Al-Jurah, Al-Qosoor, Harabesh, Al-Bghaileyyeh” neighborhoods for the tenth consecutive month, where the regime has stopped supplying those neighborhoods with food through Deir Ezzor Airport due to the fierce battles which revolve around it. (It is to mention that the regime used to bring very little amounts of food supplies in) forcing civilians to rely on smuggled supplies “contraband” from areas controlled by ISIS towards the regime’s areas, which earns members from both sides a high amount of money, which in return led to increased prices, those later came as follows:

10 loaves/layers of bread for 100 SYP. Which is equivalent to US $ 0.29

Vegetable Oil 4500 SYP per liter. Which is equivalent to US $ 13

Sugar 4500 SYP per kilo. Which is equivalent to US $ 13

Dark flour 300 SYP per kilo. Which is equivalent to US $ 0.85

White flour 800 SYP per kilo. Which is equivalent to US $ 2.28

Tea 12000 SYP per kilo. Which is equivalent to US $ 34

Note that the average monthly income of employees in those neighborhoods is 20,000 Syrian pounds, equivalent to US $ 75 .

The regime is still preventing civilians from leaving the besieged neighborhoods and asks for payments reaching 100000 SYP for land travel, and 300000 SYP for air travel.
Travelling through Deir Ezzor Airport hasn’t been active for a month due to battles between the regime and ISIS.


Consecutive full power outage since 25/3/2015 in addition to loss of gas pipelines coupled up with high fuel prices, which constitute the only alternative civilians rely on for lighting or cooking.

Fuel prices came as follows:

Fuel (Mazut) 700 SYP per liter.

Petrol 1500 SYP per liter.

Kerosene 900 SYP per liter.

It’s noted that civilians depend on fuel produced by incinerators set up by the regime near Al-Assad public hospital, taking advantage of civilians’ need for it, so they sell them for insane prices.

Besieged areas are still being supplied with contaminated water most of the time, because of the lack of Chlorine, some neighborhoods are even never supplied with any water except for once a week, like the prison st. and Al-Tab st. from Al-Jurah neighborhood.

The health sector:

Hospital services working in the besieged neighborhoods are almost near-zero, Al-Assad hospital is suffering from a serious shortage of medical staff and medical supplies to the point that they are only able to receive a very small number of civilians, and the military hospital does not receive any civilians and only serves members of the army and loyal militias, injured from battles in Deir Ezzor.
Also, the regime transported more than 200 of its members to hospitals of Damascus city due to the inability of treating them by the military hospital seeing as their job was limited to minor and medium cases.

The Observatory recorded the death of a guy due to extreme hunger and illness in Al-Jourah neighborhood, where he did not receive the appropriate health-care.

Security situation:

The Observatory recorded the deaths of 8 members of the National Defense members this month in the battles against ISIS around Deir Ezzor Airport, in addition to the death of 6 people under torture in the regime’s prisons as well as the death of an old man who was killed by mistake by the hands of a member in the security services during a funeral for one of the members of the national defense.
In addition, ISIS targeted the besieged areas with more than 13 shells which caused great material damage.

Areas controlled by ISIS:

Security situation:

Fierce battles continued between the regime and members from ISIS on all fronts, most importantly the Deir Ezzor Airport front where the Observatory recorded the death of 38 people from ISIS. Meanwhile, the regime bombed many sites inside Deir Ezzor city which are controlled by ISIS, among the targeted areas are: “Al-Orrdhy, Al-Hawiqa, Al-Sinaa, Al-Matar Al-Qadeem, Al-Hamideyya, Al-Sheikh Yaseen”.
They Also targeted surrounding villages around Deir Ezzor Airport which are “Abu Amro, Al-Mraeyyeh, Al-Jafrah” using heavy weaponry, which led to the deaths of 24 civilians.

The Observatory also recorded the deaths of three people, two civilians and one ISIS member in the Coalition strikes and it targeted many sites in Deir Ezzor city.

ISIS did multiple executions in different areas of its control in Deir Ezzor for accusations of apostasy and dealing with outsiders. The Observatory recorded 13 executions, among which was a member of ISIS and one of his relatives, they also recorded the death of 7 people from Deir Ezzor, fighting side to side with armed battalions in different regions in Syria, as well as the death of a child from Deir Ezzor in Ma’arrat Al-Nouman in Idlib due to the bombardment which targeted the city.
In addition, a guy was killed a couple of days after he was released from ISIS prisons because he was brutally tortured, and he was one of the armed battalions’ leaders which fought in Deir Ezzor before ISIS entered.

In a special incident, a woman in the city of Al-Mayadeen shot an ISIS member and ran away, which says a lot about ISIS still being targeted by unknown parties trying to fight ISIS. Also, some armed members targeted a group of ISIS members which led to the death of 6 of them in Marrat village to the north east of Deir Ezzor city on the 5/10/2015.

ISIS put two young guys in an iron cage in the middle of Al-Mayadeen city and they back-whipped them 50 lashes on charges of forming an illegal relationship with a girl through the internet.
They also whipped 4 women in Al-Kishkeyyeh village on charges of trespassing on ISIS property. It’s well to mention that those women had entered their own houses which were taken by ISIS when they entered the village after the massacre carried out by ISIS against Al-Sheitat clan. They also arrested 5 women in Al-Mayadeen city on charges of not abiding by the dress code, and took them to serve their members in the Airport frontline as a punishment for 24 hours.
In addition to whipping an old man to death for illegal sexual intercourse (adultery) and whipping another for trading smoke/cigarettes.
In the meantime, ISIS threw two young guys from Al-Isharaa neighborhood from a rooftop in that town, the “Wisdom” Hikmah Hospital, 5 flats high on charges of homosexuality.

Additionally, ISIS launched a wide arrest campaignin each of Al-Busairah and Jadeed Bakarah village east of Deir Ezzor, and they got to some civilians and ISIS-dissidents after some members of ISIS ran with their families away from the areas controlled by ISIS.

ISIS allowed some families from Hatlah-south village to return to their houses after being displaced for more than 5 months. 

New ISIS resolutions:

ISIS issued a statement by which they prevented the exchange shops in its areas of control of using the 500 and 1000 Syrian Pounds without giving reasons.
They also issued a statement by which they compelled/forced all citizens of Al-Boukamal city to attend religious courses done by ISIS in the city’s mosques, at the same time, ISIS destroyed some mosques’ platforms which were Suffi in nature, like Abdullah Bin Masoud, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

Members of ISIS confiscated some identity cards (IDs) from some civilians leaving the besieged neighborhoods where those members used them to run away with their families outside the areas controlled by ISIS.

ISIS distributed some food materials in Al-Boukamal city like rice and bulgur wheat as well as clothes to those registered in the Zakat bureau in the city.

ISIS imposed on civilians in the city not to travel outside their area of control until they are done with the religious course and until they get a card to prove they’ve undergone it, and they arrested the owners of travel agencies to Turkey in Al-Bousairah village.

ISIS issued a statement previously which was still under processing, telling male Gynaecologists to halt their activity and never do their work in all areas of ISIS control.

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