The lack of services and high prices in Al-Busayrah town are increasing the suffering of civilians

The reporter of JFL has mentioned that Al-Busayrah town in Deir Ezzor didn’t register any aerial bombardment in the last period.

The reporter said:” the electricity power is completely out in this line, and for the water , there is just one station in service, but it doesn’t cover the whole area , and it is sometimes stop working due to the lack of diesel”.

He added :” about the movement of populations and displacement, a number of displaced families flocked to this area from Al-Raqqa province.

The prices of vegetables as follows :

Bananas 700 SP per kilo

Apples 250/300 SP per kilo

Oranges 200/250 SP per kilo

Potatoes 300 SP per kilo

Cucumber 450 SP per kilo

Tomatoes 325 SP per kilo

Eggplant 300 SP per kilo

Squash 275 SP per kilo

Cabbage 250 SP per kilo

Cauliflower 250 SP per kilo

Onions 300 SP per kilo

Beetroot 200 SP per kilo

Lettuce 100 SP

Parsley 50 SP

-The prices of foodstuffs:

Flour bag 11500 SP

Sugar bag 21000 SP

Tea box 4500 SP

Rice (high quality) ( 40 kilos bag ) 24000 SP

Frying oil ( 8 liters ) 6500 SP

Spaghetti 700 SP

Tomato paste ( 1 K.g can ) 1000 SP

Olive oil 1550 SP

Bread bag 200 SP

The prices of meat:

Lamb from 20000 to 35000 SP

Sheep meat 2100 SP

Chicken 1100 SP

Eggs plate 1650 SP

Fish 900 SP

Iraqi fish (4 kilos ) 1000 SP

Kebab 3500 SP

And for the prices of fuels:

The barrel of diesel (good quality) 27000 SP

Barrel of diesel ( normal quality) 25000 SP

Gasoline 750 SP per liter

Gasoline ( local refining) 200 SP

Cooking gas 200 SP

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