A landing operation nearby the Radio hill… and four people from Deir Ezzor were killed in several attacks

The JFL has documented a landing operation carried out by two Helicopters in west of the Radio hill in Al-Tebni town in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor .

The JFL reporter said: the landing operation seemed as a pursuit of a car in Al-Tebni area.

The reporter added: “the fighter jets and the artillery shells targeted the neighborhoods of the city, and an airstrike targeted Al-Muhasan and caused a number of casualties” .

The reporter pointed out that Muhammad AlWardi and he is a volunteer in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, was killed due to the fall of a food aid parachute on him directly, whereas a woman died due to the explosion of bomb residues.

In Al-Shaeitat town… a woman and a child were killed due to aerial bombardment targeted their house today in Salqin town in Idlib province.

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