“Like the Lost Lived after Disappearance of the Father”

Account of the Disappeared Omar Muhammad ad-Dush by Palestine Branch (235)

The disappeared Omar Mohammed ad-Dush, his mother Maryam al-Ahmad, born on 27 February 1964 in al-Mayadin located in the countryside of Deir az-Zor, graduated from the Industrial Institute in 1986. He is married with six children; they are Ahmed, 26, Khaled, 25, Raghad, 21, Muhannad, 18, Shahed, 13, and Mohammed 6 years old. Omar used to be a teacher at the Industrial Institute in al-Qazzaz area in Damascus, in addition to owning the Teebah real estate office in Daf al-Shack area in the countryside of Damascus.

On 14 April 2013, Omar was arrested from Daf al-Shack along with his car, KIA Rio, grey, by the Syrian Security Forces. He remained in detention for one year in Palestine Branch in Damascus, the Branch 235, one of the security branches of the Military Intelligence Division. After that, he was transferred to the District Branch 227, and then transferred to branch 215, known as the Raid Squad, affiliated to the Military Intelligence Division, according to Omar’s family who said he might be detained currently by the Air Force Intelligence.

The disappearance of Omar had significant effects on the family, they became like the lost because their breadwinner and supporter disappeared especially that his children were in different stages of study and in dire need of support of the father. The thing that increased their suffering was not to receive any news about their father or his whereabouts, whether he was alive or not. Moreover, the financial situation of the family deteriorated considerably because of the loss of their only breadwinner and spending a lot of money trying to find out any news about him, but in vain, the family said.

The family faced considerable legal difficulties because of his disappearance along with his private car and his suitcase that contained all the documentations of the family properties like houses and real estate. Moreover, and because he used to work in real states business the family faced many obstacles especially when they tried to sell any property registered in the name of the disappeared Omar to pay for their tuition and their daily lives expense. In every sell process, they were being asked about those documentations, and when they stated­ that they disappeared with their owner, they were asked to prove the death of the disappeared and other papers following the death process (e.g., certification of succession, etc.).

Omar’s family had great ambitions. The children were aspiring to complete their studies in European universities, but the ambitions shattered by the loss of the father, besides their social relations became constrained because of the mother’s fear for her sons; the sons’ communications were confined to friends and relatives on occasions only, so that the father’s scenario not to be repeated with the children.

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