The Local Administration in Deir Ezzor Governorate, A Proposed Model

This paper aims at providing a proposed model of the local administration in Deir Ezzor governorate under the current circumstances and the future possibilities.

Despite the lack of clarity concerning the form of the future state of Syria, probably it will not remain a very central state as it was under the rule of Al Baath regime due to the changes of the local, regional, and international political conditions since the beginning of the revolution along with the accompanied structural changes that affected social, economic, and political situation.

In addition to the multiple-layers conflict and interrelated wars in the country, the characteristic of Deir Ezzor as it is controlled by the Islamic State group. It will not be deviated from the context of international and regional understandings in war against terrorism. And therefore, the populations have post-liberation concerns as the province may suffer from the same of those cities that were liberated before by different forces. The de facto forces kept the areas that they controlled and managed them by affiliated civil councils, while these areas should be managed by an elected, local and civil administration, and the role of the liberating forces should be limited to protecting these areas and providing them with security.

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