An Initial Research Paper about the Problem of Access to Evidentiary Documents, Deir Ezzor As A Sample.

This paper addresses the problem faced by Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) originating from Deir Ezzor and the civilians who live in areas out of Syrian Regular Forces control to obtain evidentiary documents such as Identity Cards, Family Books, Marriage Contracts, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Passports and Property Documents.  This portrays difficulties that Syrian have been facing amid their attempts to protect their rights. The paper outlines findings collected among the conduction of a survey, key informants’ interviews, and focus group discussions. It also presents the reasons behind such a problem along with the legal references that frame this issue at the international and national level. Justice for Life organization presents a proposition to facilitate obtaining official documents based on the Iraqi experience.

The survey targeted 603 persons in Hajeen sub-district, in eastern Deir Ezzor, and Al-Kasra sub-district in the west, along with Al-Bab, Jarabulus in Aleppo province, and Salqeen city in Idleb countryside. Within the endeavors of validating the survey results, JFL field researchers interviewed 20 women and men in Al-Kasra and Al-Bab. They also held a focus group discussion in Al-Kasra sub-district. The paper took gender, age, and geographic considerations into account. The survey targeted 205 subjects from the host communities, and 353 from the IDP community, all of them originate from Deir Ezzor province including the three main cities; Deir Ezzor, al Mayadin, and Al Boukmal.

This paper took more than four months starting from January 2020 until mid-April 2020. It was planned to target more subjects, however, the military action in Idleb province recently stood as a major impediment.

The paper highlights the deficiency of the Syrian government’s reconciliations to enable thousands of Syrians to obtain their documents. Therefore, there is a dire need to come up with a mechanism that facilitates obtaining documents for those who cannot or have no desire to return to the government-held areas.

Justice for Life recommends to the United Nations to be involved in finding solutions for such a problem in collaboration with the parties to the conflict in Syria along with the stakeholders who have the ability to pressure those parties and to set forth applicable solutions for the benefit of the civilians’ rights. It also recommends the Syrian government to abide by its obligations, not to obstruct the access of citizens to their documents, and to facilitate access to the required documents.

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