Press Statement Concerning Humanitarian Aids to Deir Ezzor

Today, The Russian Defense stated today-January 15th 2016- that it sent the first shipment of humanitarian aids to Deir Ezzor. JFL correspondent reported that a military cargo plane has dropped three containers of food items that weigh seven tons per container. Regime affiliated vehicles were moving to receive them immediately. JFL confirms that it is not the first time that military cargo planes drop food items in Deir Ezzor. Where, about two months ago for two times, the military cargo plane dropped shipments for the military squads and security apparatus members. What happened today is indicating with no doubts that there is a possibility for saving the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor along with the responsibility of Assad regime for the siege since it refuses to use the available way to enter the basic items into Deir Ezzor. JFL demands to make an airlift towards the besieged neighborhoods and permit ICRC to supervise the operations of entering and distribution of food items.

The attached photos for the three parachutes dropped by the cargo planes.


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