Report of the Field Developments in the City Of Deir EzZor

Firstly: Taxes and Fees (Zakat):

  • The organization of the Islamic State imposed royalties (taxes) on all small and large business shops all restaurants and Internet cafes….etc. in the City of Deer Al-Zour.

But these taxes had another new titles: (Zakat) for proving religiously business in this stricken (destroyed) city and preventing any violation of the payment of Zakat for the commercial work in this stricken city. This Zakat is not specified by an amount generally imposed, But certain profits  are determined as the direct taxes by (the Finance Muslims House), they have the freedom to determine profits.

  • As previously mentioned, according to the narrations of some traders and drivers of large cars that the Islamic State’s barriers take sums of money from the loaded cars with food and vegetables as a fee to enter areas under the control of the organization

The owner of such materials raises prices to compensate for the loss, which  leads to a reversal negative impact on consumers in this besieged city without any supervision by members of the organization on the merchant. This reflects something that the organization was already imposing indirect taxes on the item under which the merchant reflects loss on the item which the consumers (poor people) face. Later the organization moved to direct taxes by hidden names: (Zakat)

Secondly: Internal Encounters and Defections

It was observed directly and concretely the frequency of defections in the ranks of the Islamic State on the level of  Warlords  fleeing outside Syria and the happening of rapid changes, starting from the month of January 2105. For example, we mention:

1-Fleeing of Warlord of the Finance Muslims House Abu Obeida the Egyptian to an unknown destination, taking an amount of billion Syrian pounds.

2- Fleeing of Warlord of Omar oil field Abu Abdullah the Iraqi, taking an amount of 250 million Syrian pounds with twelve person of his companions.

3-Fleeing of the Warlord of  the general Calculation, a Kuwaiti nationality.

4- Fleeing of the general legitimate Warlord of the organization, a Saudi nationality.

5-Killing of the security Warlord at the hands of an  immigrant from the members of the organization after the security Warlord arrested one immigrant of a Saudi nationality, linking him to  a car SUV to torture, the thing that caused reactions by immigrants from the members of the State organization. Thus, they instantly killed the security Warlord.

6- The organization arrested the calculation Warlord in the city of Mayaadeen and the organization executed him on the grounds that he had to allow Mayaadeen traders enter large quantities of smoke (cigarettes) and take a bribe.

7- Arresting  the Islamic judge of the organization Abu Darda, a Syrian nationality, on charges of dealing with the FSA.

Thirdly, Emergence of anti-organization groups:

After the increase of encounters and defections within the ranks of the organization sleeper cells began to move and began operating more and more.

It is mentioned, for example, the emergence of certain battalions:

* Lion East Battalion.

* White Shroud battalion.

* ISIS snipers battalion.

* Silencers battalion: They are using snipers and pistols with silencers carrying out rapid assassinations to the organization leaders and warlords.

* Rebels Deer Al-Zour battalion.

* Supporters of the right battalion.

* Martyrs city Battalion.

* In addition to other battalions, we cannot mention their names.

* Those battalions always launch attacks on the organization barriers and use hit-and-run after the night comes.

* Or they put explosive devices in the mechanics of members of the organization at night, and they explode them after the members of the organization use.

* Or they use the method of killing from far distances by modern snipers

* Or by pistols with silencers for assassinations carried out against the warlords of the organization.

* Sometimes clashes do not continue for more than half an hour

* It is noted that these battalions are using painters to write slogans against ISIS (Daash) on public places or on the walls of schools, as well as the battalions write the battalion’s name and sometimes the name of the one who killed the member of the organization.

Fourthly- Legislative Advisory Committee coming from Iraq:

* A lot of information were revealed to us that there is a committee of a senior level came from Iraq to the city of Deer Al-Zour. This committee met with the warlords of the organization; a fast and secret meeting in one of the rural areas of the eastern city. This committee on a legislative level inside the organization.

The existence of this committee inside Syria came as a result of recent encounters within the organization and large defections in the ranks of the organization.

* The role of this committee is to discuss the reasons for these encounters and defections which have become shortening the age of this organization in Syria.

* And to give orders and instructions to the warlords of the organization to take care of civilians in the land of the caliphate for not tightening on them.

* However, according to analyzes of the decisions and the fast meeting of this committee and this incident occurs that the committee comes from Iraq, which is considered the nucleus of the organization and the land of the caliphate, according to the organization’s strategy.

Withdrawing from the land of Iraq because they faced great and fast losses and gathered in certain specific areas in order that the organization can manage those areas administratively and militarily.

After that (the area widened on them)

But a number of warlords sent (a margin that Syria is not a good place for us)

Fifthly: Decisive Decisions by the Organization:

* – After the instructions of the supreme legislative committee, the organization has set up many new decisions for civilians, because of their complaints caused by the members of the organization  and their decisions, but those decisions has not been issued yet.

We have some of them

1- Cancelling of the calculation and transferring their duties to the Islamic police.

2- Relieving of prosecutions of violations of women’s dress

3- Lessening of the amount of taxes

This is what we were able to get temporarily and we will send you the photos of all the decisions when issuing.

Sixthly: The service sector

The organization is allowing the local council previously to return to work but within many terms.

After the change of the local council name (service bureau)

* Establishment of workshops and maintenance for the city

– Electricity.

– Water.

– Sewage.

All workshops employees are people from the city of Deer Al-Zour and their salaries range between (9000-20000 thousand Syrian pounds)

While supervisors of these workshops are immigrants from outside Syria, and their salaries range between (US $ 150-200)

Those supervisors do not have any connection to the service office but their duties are only monitoring and controlling. The ones who provides smart management, work and effort and expose to risk are workers sons  from Deer Al-Zour.

* – appointing delegates for neighborhoods of the city by the organization, and the functions of these delegates are to do the facilities for civilians and to give them the approval.

And their work is limited to civil and administrative matters

As work  of (Mukhtar)

Seventhly: The Education Sector

The Organization issued a decision to allow the reopening of schools under the following terms:

1- Changing the curriculum.

2-  Isolating fully the male teaching staff and the female one.

3- Isolating  male students and the female ones.

4- Only teachers, who followed the legitimate session, are allowed to practice the teaching profession within their schools

5- Replacement of the weekend instead of  the two days (Friday and Saturday) with the two days (Thursday and Friday).

6- Work for free when opening schools, and teachers must work for free, without specifying or hinting for material compensations.

7- Preventing females from grades after completing the sixth grade.

8- The males Complement forensic science after the sixth grade only without any other courses.

9- Cancelling the following courses fully:

A- English

B- French

C- Philosophy

D- National Socialism Education

E- Cancelling the expression of the Syrian Arab Republic from the curriculum wherever found.

Eighthly: Law:

The State Organization formed the court grievances and the functions of this court are the post-adjudication and get the accused of innocence

Where the accused can submit their grievance to this Court against the one who  prosecute against him.

Or claiming directly to the police Islamist members if they captured him without complaint from anyone, where this Court utters a complaint made in front of it and decides punishment against the complainant if the defendant gets  innocence, but it is worth mentioning that when a warlord of the organization is the one who has reported or prosecuted and made a mistake in that the Court has worked hard to give the defendant a large sum of money. In return for dropping his complaint before the court of  grievances to not doing punishments on warlords and members of the organization

Ninthly- Oil Sector:

The organization has followed the same approach which was followed by the regime of isolating the oil budget from the general budget

Where the organization has controlled all oil and gas wells in the city of Deer Al-Zour and its countryside, including:

1-The Omar oil field Mayaadeen

2- The Al-Teenk oil field Al-Muhasan

3- The Al-Waard oil field Mayaadeen

4- The Al-Tabeeya gas field Al-Tabeeya

5- The Al-Malh oil field Abu Hamam

6- The Kuniko gas field the city

7-The Al-Tim oil field Sham street

8- The Khasham oil fields (the closest to the city)

9- The Al-Qom oil field Al-Bukamal

10- Plus oil wells in the eastern countryside Shamia line

Marat- Boqros Fouqani-  Boqros Tahtani- Al-Asharh Alkori- Saleehyt of Al-Bukamal-Al-Baguz

* Eastern countryside (Island line):

New Ekadat – Taianh- Khasham- Shunnan- Obouhmam Akoshkih-Grennig Hajin- AlShafh.

* Western countryside:

Al-Tibni – Al-Khrayta – Al-Masrab – Al-Busraya

Where the organization earn daily fictional sums of money from those fields and wells.

For example:

– The production of the Al-Malh field # Abuhmam (50000000) Syrian pounds per day

– the organization daily transfers the oil and gas tanks to Iraq and sells them there.

Where oil is considered the most important source of self-financing organization

After the United Nations have tried to eliminate the sources of funding for the organization by the decision issued from the United Nations no. (2170), containing drying finance organization sources and also the flow of its fighters

  • Although the organization has controlled all sources of fuel in the city of Deer AlZour and the countryside, a significant increase of fuel prices up  are still recorded in the liberated areas

– Diesel liter: 125Syrian pounds

– Kerosene liter: 165 Syrian pounds

– Gas cylinder: 4500 Syrian pounds

The areas under the regime’s control in the city of Deer Al-Zour in my neighborhood (Al-Qosour- Al-Jura), the prices is more and more.

Warlords have been appointed to the oil fields to manage these fields.

Tenth- Economic Court:

– The organization tried to test the people within its areas by changing  the old currency by the metal currency directly to the organization banks in Iraq and these currency Gold- Silver. The old currency is withdrawn gradually and the deal in dollars and the  dollar is replaced by the currency in which the organization launches in markets if it happens:

Monopolizing economy in the markets by imposing decisions that serve the interests of the financial organization, for example:

  • Free kitchens are to be prevented from purchasing vegetables and materials from any dealer, but by the organization.
  • preventing dealing with civilian relief organizations and shutting down the centers where these organizations receive funding from abroad in dollars and spread into the local market of the city of Deer Al-Zour indirectly helping to improve the economy rise
  • Preventing all maintenance workshops for repairing to the headquarters of the fighting battalions and sectors, but by the organization, and so on …….

the economy is in the hands of the organization in smart and indirect ways and decisions.

* Rates are rising dramatically and the lack of employment opportunities in the liberated areas, which were reflected negatively on civilians.

Eleven- Sporadic and Strange Decisions:

  • Changing the names of the public facilities in the city:

Where the organization tried change the names of the city’s neighborhoods and markets, we mention for example:

The Jubaila neighborhood: its name was changed to the Mujahideen neighborhood

The Takaya market: its name has become: the Tawheed market.

  • Tearing military service books for youth service because of maintaining them and preventing them from entering areas of the regime control.
  • Preventing travel to the areas under the regime control, whether traveling to receiving salaries or for university study.
  • preventing civilians from crossing the political bridge; the only outlet for this liberated city and to allow only members of the organization to cross it, but civilians are allowed to cross it by ships through the river.
  • making the net cafes under control by members of the organization through controlling customers inside the net cafes and their chats from time to time, and preventing women from going to such cafes under any circumstances.

Twelfth:  Arrests and Executions:

Where it was noted in the last period, there were many arrests carried out previously the members of the Free Army and anyone that was doubted as an active or dormant cell.

As well as the many executions that we ignored the reason for the killing only the members of the organization write over the killed body: killed for apostasy

Those executions have been exceeded in the last period from mid-December 2014 to the end of January 2015 nearly at a rate of one to three almost daily.

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