SDF Continues Stifling Acts on Civil Society and Arresting Civil Activists

Since 2017 up to this moment, civil activists have been exposed to stifling acts, arrests, and threats in many areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration. The detention of a group of activists from Raqqa province poses the most flagrant example. According to what has been collected by JFL from activists from Raqqa province, out of the group who was arrested and released is Mazen Al Harami, monitoring and evaluation officer of We’am Program, Hamza Al Malla, a community dialogue facilitator with the Muwatana, Albduljabbar Al Huwaidi, Community liaison officer with Early Recovery Team. Reem Al Naser, chairman of Nema was beaten.

Fifteen activists have been arrested since SDF controlled Raqqa until this moment; some of them were released, others were re-arrested and still in detention centers.

JFL calls upon the Autonomous Administration / Syrian Democratic Forces to;

1-To respect the work of civil society organizations, ensure its sustainability, and establish a transparent and impartial relationships with these organizations.

2-To protect the civil society organizations and civil activists by SDF as they are exposed to risks due to their work nature.

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