Security, Economic and Education Reality in the Islamic State held city of Al-Bukamal

The reporter of the JFL stated that the Islamic State gave a warning that Al-Harir market in Al-Bukamal  has to be evacuated and moved to market of vegetables in one week, and that to make it only for women.

The reporter explained that :” men will be prevented from getting into the market as the vegetables market will be moved to Al-Shabiba next to the stadium, and men will be prevented from selling cosmetics women.

The reporter pointed out that the Islamic State is using remote control airplanes to monitor the rooftops and see if there are any satellite dishes on those rooftops, the Islamic State imposed a penalty of 10 grams of Gold if they found a satellite dish on a rooftop, they have tested the remote control airplanes in Al-Fayhaa and Al-Twaiba next to Al-Dawar and Al-Hajana areas, The members of the Islamic State got into the market of gold and besieged it from all sides in order to do the inventory and collect the alms.

The city of Al-Bukamal has just 20 pharmacies, and the Islamic State is tightening on the pharmacists, they can not work in the pharmacy without license and a certificated pharmacist, the Islamic state has confiscated all the basements and turned them into medicine storerooms for the state.

The JFL reporter said that in a remarkable updates the Islamic state prevented people from selling things in front of the shops permanently, and the shops which have financial disclosure will be closed until their owners pay the bills of water and electricity services.

He added:”the Islamic state brought new cars for Al-Hisba with the plates of Aleppo and Al-Mosul, and the traffic police gave licenses and plates for the motorcycles, they have reached the number 5000, the license for each motorcycle costs 2000 S.P”.

The Islamic state has started a campaign to confiscate the motorcycles which don’t have licenses and plates until the owner bring a clearance from the electricity since the start of February.

The JFL reporter confirmed that;” a number of the Islamic state elements have fled to an unknown destination, and the car of ‘ Abdulrahman AlRawi’ was exploded with an explosive device, he is working for the Islamic state in receiving money transfers in dollars”.

Five members of the Islamic state were killed in Hajin, they were in a place for manufacturing explosive devices and car bombs, they became shreds and their names are: Shihab AlElewi,Nasr Rashid AlDbs and three unknowing members including one Iraqi, another from Deir Ezzor and the third is from Hajin.

In a unique case… a local person from Alhsaiba did a protest by his own in Al-Qaim city, because one of AlHisba members has assaulted an Iraqi woman, he spoke about them during that protest so they executed him in Al-Bukamal city using a gun, the next day the members of the Islamic state have spread out around mosques for the fear of the protests against them.

The reporter of the JFL has talked about the economic situation and, lack of food and other requirements due to the severance of Aleppo-Damascus highway, he pointed out that all the bakeries are closed except Al-Hajia Bakery, and that caused a Major bread crisis, and lack of flour.

The reporter of the JFL added :” the Islamic state built Exchange shops, the rent of each shop is 50 Dollars nearby the police department, and the currency of the Islamic state became circulated in the market, the members and employees are getting paid in dinars and dirham, the 5 golden Dirhams equal 190 dollars , and the 5 silver dinars equal 2.5 dollars”.

And about the educational field … the students in Al-Bukamal city have started their Mid-year exams since one week, and the teachers are getting paid in dirhams and Dinars.

The list of food prices in Syrian pounds as follows:

Tomatoes 250 s.p per kilo

Cucumber 300 s.p per kilo

Pepper 800 s.p per kilo

Potato 250 s.p per kilo

Squash 500 s.p per kilo

Eggplant 300 s.p per kilo

Carrots 200 s.p per kilo

Cabbage 200

Apple 250 s.p per kilo

Orange 200 s.p per kilo

Turkish egg 2000

Syrian egg 1400

Red meat 2300 s.p per kilo

Chicken 1200 s.p per kilo

Fish 1200 s.p per kilo

Olive 600 s.p per kilo

Butter 400 s.p pet kilo

Milk 200 s.p per kilo

Vegetable oil 1600 s.p per liter

Margarine 1500 s.p per kilo

Lentils 700 s.p per kilo

Vermicelli 500 s.p

Rice 750 s.p per kilo

Bean 500 s.p per kilo

Tomato paste 850 s.p

Olive oil 1600 s.p per kilo

-The prices of fuels:

Gas cylinder 11000 s.p

Gasoline 250 s.p per liter

Diesel 200 s.p per liter

kerosene 250 s.p per liter

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