Ten Islamic State Members Killed in Airborne Operation by US-led Coalition’ Helicopters in Al Kasra Subdistrict

US-led coalition helicopters conducted airborne operation yesterday, January 8th, in Al Kasra, Deir Ezzor western countryside and resulted in ten killed different nationalities members. A well-based witness told JFL reporter that “ six helicopters made airborne operation in a location nearby the village of Al Kubar, Al Kasra subdistrict, as four helicopters landed and two was flying over in order to provide protection, and one of them targeted a van and completely destroyed it.

the location of the airborne operation

Another eyewitness told JFL reporter that “ the operation members made a checkpoint in the Main Street and stopped the vehicles and told them to leave the location immediately and they did not arrest any one. Some members spoke Arabic, and others were speaking a foreign language”. “ Sounds of gunshot were heard” he added. The US-led Command affirmed the operation, however, it refused to give any information about operation reason, number and identity of the captured. On the other hand, Islamic State has closed the location completely and launched an arresting campaign. Security stepped up and operational status as drawn on the faces of Islamic State members and security leaders.

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