The Besieged Neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor are Outside the Scope of Assad Regime Agreements

The Syrian regime could implement recently , in collaboration with international agencies, two agreements; the first one is to evacuate ISIS members from the southern neighborhoods in Damascus, the second one is to evacuate the injured and fighters from Al Zabadani, Kafrayya and Al Foua. Assad regime has the ability to negotiate with all different parties, including ISIS, and implement agreements. Assad regime has never launched an initiative for the sake of 180000 civilians in the besieged Deir Ezzor since January 1st 2015. This indicates, undoubtedly, the approval of Assad regime, the benefit gained by this siege, and the desire for continuation of the siege. Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor demands Mr. Staffan De Mistura and the accompanied United Nations Mission to move fast depending on the International resolution related to saving besieged civilians in Syria, particularly resolution 2254 –paragraph 12. Likewise, the observatory demands to find immediately the appropriate mechanisms, without any sort of interruption, to enter urgent aids to the besieged neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor along with evacuate the injured and critical patients

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