The death of 16 civilians in Deir Ezzor and the observatory considers it as a serious escalation against the civilians

The justice for life in Deir Ezzor observatory has documented the death of 10 civilians and there are women and children among them during the air strikes on Al-Hamidiyeh quarter which is under the domination of the Islamic state.

The observatory reporter has pointed out that fighter jets which are most likely belong to the Syrian government forces bombed Al-Hamidiyeh quarter in 2 airstrikes and it’s an overpopulated Residential neighborhood. And they targeted the water passage nearby Jisr al siyasiya in the third raid. and that resulted a lot of civilian casualties.

The reporter added that the bombing caused major damage to the buildings in Al-Hamidiyeh quarter ,and he said that the number of victims probably going to go up in the next few hours. And he explained that the observatory is documenting the victims but slowly because of the bad communication in the targeted areas.

The observatory has documented the death of 6 civilians and there are 3 women and two children among them as a result of the fall of missiles on the besieged neighborhoods in the city and the number of victims is probably going to go up.

The justice observatory is confirming that this escalating from the government forces and the Islamic state on the overpopulated areas without taking into account the protection of the civilians souls is a major escalation .

The justice observatory is demanding the cessation of random attacks immediately .and reduce the civilian casualties to the minimum.

Justice for Life Observatory in DeirEzzor


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