The death of a woman at Rajm slaibi checkpoint

The observatory of the justice for life in Deir Ezzor has documented the death of Amama Abdulrahman Alsaid at Rajm slaibi checkpoint after she was detained with some of her relatives for more than 20days and they were prevented from getting into Al-Hasaka Governorate by the people’s protection units (YPG).
One of her relatives talked to the justice for life observatory reporter and said: “Mrs.Amama is a citizen from Deir Ezzor city and she was 63 years old who was suffering from a heart disease “.Explaining that she was coming from Al-Hasaka countryside to the city but she has been prevented .
Her relative added that she couldn’t bear the bad weather conditions and the lack of medical services which cause her a Myocardial infarction and as a result of it she died.
And he pointed out that the Red crescent couldn’t transport her to the morgue of the national hospital in Al-Hasaka city until the next day whereas her relatives and there are children among them remained stuck in Rajm slaibi checkpoint.
He said that a mediator has asked the victim to pay him 300000S.P to allow her and her relatives to get into the city but she couldn’t enter even after she paid that amount of money.
Another eyewitness who was stuck in Rajm slaibi checkpoint said to the justice observatory :” I got out of the checkpoint after I paid 200000S.P to a smuggler ,he got me out of the checkpoint in the sight of the checkpoint soldiers”.

the same witness has confirmed that migrants from DeirEzzor city still detained in the checkpoint , they are sleeping in the open and buy food at a very high prices
( 1000S.P for 1small can of Canned meat)
(1000S.P for 3 bread bags)
( 1000S.P for 1liter of drinking water )

Another witness who was prevented from getting close to the checkpoint to ask about his relative by the people’s protection units (YPG) said: ” I approached the checkpoint to ask about my sister’s husband who’s a migrant from Deir Ezzor but they put the guns in my face and prevented me from approaching “.

And he said :”there are no signs of solving the problem of contained people in Rajm slaibi checkpoint and that led them to go back to Deir Ezzor governorate which the Islamic state is dominating on the most of areas there “.

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