The Prevalence of Drug Pills in Deir Ezzor


The Syria Democratic Forces held areas in Deir Ezzor province witness a security breakdown which pushed the civilians to establish group to protect the neighborhoods and some villages.

The security breakdown is represented by wide theft operations, assassinations, and planting IEDs to target some people, along with trading and trafficking drugs in public.

SDF exerting no efforts to limit this breakdown, on the contrary, some members and leaders participate in many negative actions.

The Prevalence of Selling Pills:

Pills trafficking started in SDF held areas in confidential way. Then, it gradually increased as there was no pursuit or accountability against the traffickers. The drugs are sold in public and at cheap prices so they are available to all ages.

The prevailed pills in SDF held areas in Deir Ezzor province are;

Tramadol (pills and injections) – Sudafed – Fenethylline – Pregabalin 150 – Hexol 5 – Zolam

Both males and females buy drugs, especially between 13 and 25. Additionally, SDF member take drugs.

Pills Prices:

The pills prices vary due to their effectiveness and number of pills in one packet, along with the required quantity. The cheapest one is Tramadol, while the most expensive type is Zolam.

The prices vary between 500 and 10,000 SYP for one packet, which includes 6-10 pills.

Witnesses told JFL that these pills are taken on wide range and in all areas held by SDF. The number of addicted people is increasing as some of them take 4-5 pills at one time.

Consumption without Censorship Leads to Addiction:

A number of physicians and pharmacists who were interviewed by JFL confirmed that the abovementioned pills have medical uses, however, they are not sold except for necessary cases and only by prescription. Also, taking these pills constantly and without prescription leads to addiction and grave consequences such as stroke, cirrhosis of liver, and atherosclerosis.

These pills have medical uses providing that they should be sold from pharmacies in necessary cases and based on prescription. However, based on the testimonies collected by JFL, those pills are sold in pharmacies, at big quantities, and without any kind of warnings. They also sold by traffickers.

The Local Community’ Efforts in Fighting Addiction and Trafficking Drugs:

The populations try with their endeavors to limit the prevalence of drugs in Deir Ezzor throughout awareness raising campaigns in mosques and public events in order to raise the populations’ awareness on the risks of these materials. However, these campaigns lack the required organizing and support to convey the message to everyone.

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