The Red Crescent starts distributing food parcels in Deir Ezzor

الهلال 13-2-2016

SARC in Deir Ezzor announced in February 10th on its Facebook page that it enters 2850 food parcels to the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city (Al Jura, Al Qusur, Harabish, and Al Bghaileyya) in collaboration with the ICRC.

These parcels are dropped by cargo airplanes to the besieged neighborhoods, each parcel contains two vegetables cans, five tuna cans, six broad-bean cans, six chick-pea cans, two kg of macaroni, one kg of Zaater, one kg of dates, and one liter of olive oil.

SARC has distributed on Saturday 400 food parcels to the IDPs who fled from the neighborhood of “ Fouad Cinema St.” towards the besieged neighborhoods, as JFL correspondent confirmed. JFL knew that the distribution table will be as follows: Saturday: IDPs form “Fouad Cinema St.” Sunday: IDPs form “Al Rushdeyya” Monday: IDPs form “Ganamat” Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: IDPs from the above neighborhoods who could not take their parcels. Each parcel weighs at 17.3 kg.

The SARC will continue distributing food parcels during these days (five hours a day – 10:00AM -03-00 PM). The actual number of the parcels is 3700 ones, but after deducting the damaged parcels, only 2850 ones are ready to be distributed ( less than the actual number at 850). Until the date of this report, the SARC did not announce the table of distribution for the rest of Deir Ezzor neighborhoods especially the hosting ones.

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