The Woman in Deir Ezzor on the International Women’s Day

March 8th, the International Women’s Day is considered as a distinguished one in the history of humanity. This day is a starting point for woman awareness with her rights. It is the day of her struggle for assuring gains and respect as human being, and her rights in equality and participation in all aspects of life.

This day for the Syrian Woman in general, and the Furati Woman in particular, means so much to her. In the context of the of the conditions that our country has been living for five years of tearing war, a war imposed on the Syrian people due to their revolution of dignity and freedom against the most harsh, tyrant and corrupt regime. This regime saved no effort to use all available tools of killing indiscriminately in order to destroy the country in a rare brutal manner. The woman in Deir Ezzor carried the biggest part of the tragedy i.e. female martyrs and detainees, mothers and sisters of detainees and martyrs either in regime-held areas or ISIS-held ones. Women suffer from the violations of confiscation of houses, displacement, stoning, and execution. These women were together with their husbands and brothers screaming for freedom at the very beginning of the Syrian revolution.

Women of the world went down in the history on humanity for their struggle for justice, dignity, equality, peace, and development. The Women of Al Furat were part of them.

While the Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor participates the Syrian Women celebrations for the International Women’s Day, it confirm its support for the steadfastness of women who are suffering from the scourge of wars, prisons, sieges, starvation, and the violations of human rights all over time and space.

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