They Killed Them to Make Them an Example

This report covers the cases of extrajudicial executions, the arrests and displacement of the residents of Shu’aitat villagers that are committed by the ISIS. The report was based on testimony of 14 witnesses distributed as follows: 7 witnesses in Deir Ezzor, one in Idleb, four witness in the Turkish city of Urfa and one in the Turkish city of Gaziantep. The report is done through visits made by the justice of life organization researchers in addition to one testimony done via skype with a witness in Turkish city of Elazığ.

Justice of life organization formed a special team to collect the testimonies. The special team was trained in three days’ workshop in which team learned to put the report structure and the testimonies collecting method.

The justice of life organization contacted with the Syrian program of the Legal Development to help in forming the special legal framework of the crimes that this report covers.

Justice for Life believes in the credibility of the witnesses because of the level of detail they have given, as well as the images and videos that were published on YouTube by ISIS members

All the interviews were conducted in Arabic, the organization researchers explained the special purpose of the interviews and the Organization had the witness consent to use the information they provided in the report.

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