Thousands of civilians from Deir Ezzor are interned in a camp in Al Suwayda

A well-based source reported to Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor that members of Syrian Security Apparatus in Al Suwayda province interned the families, who came from Deir Ezzor through the desert, and put them in Al Talaey camp.
The source added: “the civilians of Deir Ezzor who are prevented to exit the province by ISIS have to take the desert route from Al Bukamal city to Al Suwayda province, the place where they are interned by regime’ security members on the pretext of making the processes of vetting”. He also said ” the camp is more like the detention center, where dozens of families are not allowed to exit the camp. The security members do not provide neither food nor medicine to those families. Quite the contrary, the security members sell food to the interned at exorbitant prices”.
It is worth mentioning that ISIS impose lots of obstacles for those who desire to leave its territories, especially towards Syrian government ones. People who want to leave have to determine the duration of travel along with a sponsor in order to guarantee their return. Otherwise, their properties will be confiscated if they do not come back home.

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor demands the ICRC and SARC to head immediately towards the place where the civilians are interned in Al Suwayda province and check their humanitarian conditions.
The observatory also calls upon the UN agencies that defend human rights to put pressure on the Syrian government in order to release all the interned, first and the foremost the women, children, and old people.

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