Was not an interrogation It was a torture

This report covers cases of detention, torture, and killings in detention centers by the Syrian security apparatuses, “Jabhat Fateh Al Sham” (formerly Al Nusra), and “Islamic state” group. The report depended on (26) testimonies for (23) people – inside and outside Syria-  who were detained in (18) detention centers; (20) testimonies were documented by JFL researchers for the survivals and families of under-torture-victims, and (6) testimonies were documented on phone call.

JFL formed a team of five members who made interviews and collected the testimonies related to the report. The team members submitted a workshop for setting forth report structure and revising the legal framework of the cases of detention, torturing, and enforced disappearance.

JFL’ researchers analyzed more than (46) photos and documents related to the detainees, missing persons, and under-torture-victims. JFL’ researchers were able to get photos for the survivals and under-torture-victims throughout collecting testimonies, along with designing maps of the detention centers.

Through the process of collecting, reading, and analyzing the testimonies, (34) officers were determined who were in charge of detention centers and the processes of torturing and killing.

Download report, 1.5 MB – 37 Pages

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