What Did We Document ?A Preliminary Appraisal

Since its inception, Justice for Life documented the death and detention of civilians from Deir Ezzor province. JFL was hampered by considerable obstacles and risks, where the security one and restrictions of the different parties to conflict were on the top. Basically, JFL adopted the method of interviewing witnesses who are either survivors or victims’ relatives.

JFL issued dozens of long and brief reports about the violations committed in Deir Ezzor; some of those were long and included recommendations on what to be done in order to investigate the violations and prevent their recurrence, and others that included brief testimonies about violations. JFL interviewed witnesses, and published dozens of individual testimonies, where some of them were written and others were recorded.

JFL established a database that includes accurate details about the war victims in Deir Ezzor. As ISIS exited the province, JFL is updating he database in order to achieve more validation and complement the information that were hard to be collected during ISIS rule.

Up to December 31st 2018, JFL documented the death of (3190) civilians including (1302) children and (535) women; (2126) of them were killed by aerial bombardment, (196) were killed by mine explosion, (425) were killed by artillery shelling, (83) were killed under torture, (315) were extrajudicial killings’ victims, and (45) fell victims to disease and malnutrition.

This report includes what was documented until December 31st 2018. The report statistics are not final ones. JFL will issue updates on a continuous basis. This report includes recent examples about violations that were newly documented by JFL. This report comprises statistics of victims of aerial bombardment, artillery shelling, killing under torture, victims of extrajudicial killings, and victims of malnutrition due to besiegement in entire the province.

The attempts of the Syrian government and its allies to promote a victory and working on back to before the war, along with disregarding thousands of victims, millions of displaced people, and destroyed cities will make an impediment in the way of the peace process that was called by the United Nations through the UNSC resolution (2254).

All states intervening in the Syrian file should held the Syrian to pass the phase of war and push forward a sustainable peace.

All parties to conflict should commit to international humanitarian law and the international human rights law along with collaborating with the IIIM and all local and international human rights organizations in order to ensure accountability for war victims.

All controlling parties should collaborate in the issue of the missing persons and work on reveal their fate and informing the missing’ relatives with all information.

The special envoy to Syria and all relevant states should put pressure on the Syrian government and SDF to facilitate the movement of civilians and protect those who desire to return.

The controlling parties are fully responsible for protecting the properties of the IDPs and refugees, and not to tamper with them.

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