22 Civilians from Deir Ezzor were killed over the 10 past days

Deir Ezzor province went through major incidents over the past 10 days , like the bombardment of Al-Mayadin city, targeting Al-Hamidiya neighborhood with missiles and the explosion of several landmines inside and outside the city.

The reporter of the JFL has mentioned that fighter jets carried out three Airstrikes on Al-Mayadin city ,the targets of those Airstrikes were: AlJaish street in the middle of the city, the area nearby the municipal and Abd-AlJabbar Alobaid next to the garage, at least three civilians from locals were killed as a result of the aerial bombardment, whereas 20 people who hold the Iraqi nationality were killed as well.

The reporter said:” the Government forces targeted Al-Hamidiya neighborhood with surface-to-surface missiles, and that caused a massacre, 11 civilians were killed in this massacre, there were women from the residents of the neighborhood among the dead, and few people from Al-Salihiyah village were killed in the same massacre, moreover the bombardment caused injuries among civilians”.

He added: “the Islamic state targeted the besieged neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city with 10 mortar shells , which led to the death of two people from Al-Jura neighborhood and caused a number of injuries”.

On the other hand , a landmine laid by the Islamic state exploded and caused the death of two people, one of them has the Iraqi nationality and the other is Syrian in Al-Thalathat area on the borders of Al-Bukamal, and a girl from Al-Bukamal city was severely because of the same landmine.

Another landmine exploded in Al-Raqqa highway , and led to the death of two people from Al-Shheell town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor while they were on their way to go to turkey.

And another landmine exploded in the highway of Al-Hasakah while a bus was passing by, three people including a child from Al-Tayyana village were killed due to the explosion of that landmine.

The US-led coalition fighter jets destroyed Al-Asharah bridge for the second time after the Islamic state repaired it, moreover the Us-led coalition targeted two bulldozers on the Riverbank in Al-Tayyana village, with no casualties or injuries among civilians.

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