29 civilians were killed in Aerial bombardment targeted several areas in Deir Ezzor province

The justice for life organization has documented the death of more than 29 civilians in Deir Ezzor province due to Aerial bombardment targeted several areas in Deir Ezzor,s countryside, whereas the Islamic state hang the heads of five soldiers belong to the regime forces in Al-Bukamal.

The JFL resources said:” on the date of 19/7/2017 warplanes targeted Ayyash town western of Deir Ezzor and caused the death of 15 civilians including five members of a displaced family and 10 locals from the same family, another civilian was killed in an airstrike targeted Al-Boleel town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, Al-Mayadin city was targeted with three Airstrikes At 5:00 am of the same day without any casualties, those airstrikes resulted only material damage”.

Our resources explained that a young man was killed in the clashes between Ahrar Al-Sham and Hay,yat Tahrir Al-Sham in Saraqib and he was from Al-Jura neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city, whereas the Islamic state hang the heads of five members from the regime forces in Al-Bukamal city were killed in the clashes between the Islamic state and the regime forces in Deir Ezzor,s desert, moreover the Islamic state has executed a young man in Al-Quriyah town eastern Deir Ezzor after he was charged of contacting with opponent factions.

On 20/7/2017 a girl-child from Al-Bu Omar village in Deir Ezzor,s country side was killed in an Airstrike targeted the house of her family in Al-Raqqa province , a child from Al-Magawda in Al-Bukamal countryside was killed in the clashes that occurred between Ahrar Al-Sham and Hay,yat Tahrir Al-Sham in Salqin in the countryside of Idlib.

The resources added: on the date of 21/7/2017 a civilian from Al-Tabiah shamiah village was killed in the explosion of a landmine while he was with his son on their way to flee to Al-Hasakah, the son was severely injured, whereas two airstrikes targeted Al-Saraya and Al-Baloum rounabout in Al-Mayadin city that morning.

On the date of 22/7/2017 the fighter jets targeted a car on the road between Al-Mayadin city and boqruss town eastern Deir Ezzor and that led to the death of the driver and the passenger, the passenger was a civilian who was working in currency-exchange, in addition to an air raid targeted Al-Saraya building in Al-Mayadin city that morning.

The resources continued :” on 23/7/2017 aerial bombardment targeted Al-Rushdiya,Al-Haweiqa and Kanamat neighborhoods in Deir Ezzor, the desert of Hajin in Deir Ezzor,s countryside with an Airstrike, the civilian houses in Al-Shmeitya town with four Airstrikes which caused the death of three people from the same family, fighter jets targeted two vehicles belong to the Islamic state nearby the livestock market in Al-Mayadin city, in the same regard… on the date of 24/7/2017 airstrike targeted a house in Al-Mayadin city around 7:00 am causing the death of four civilians”.

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