A Paper Issued By Justice for Life Organization Concerning the Humanitarian Conditions in a Number of Camps in Al Kasra, Western Countryside of Deir Ezzor

Al Kasra town is located in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, north of Euphrates river, and it is a sub-district center in Deir Ezzor district. It is held by Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

This paper sheds light on two random camps and one organized one.

Al Ashawi Camp:

It is located in Mhemeeda village in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor, which is held by Syria Democratic Forces (SDF).

The camp includes thirty tents that host about forty families who fled from Al Shola town, which is located on the road of Deir Ezzor – Damascus, and Al Hawayej village, which is located in the south of Euphrates river.

There is a number of tents nearby the camp resided by families who fled the cities of Al Mayadin and Alboukmal.

Al Ashawi Camp on 16/3/2018

The IDPs arrived in this camp six month ago, following the control of government forces on their areas.

There is no organization/agency supervising the camp or providing the IDPs any sort of aid. The IDPs suffer from lack of healthcare and schools. It should be mentioned that the closest hospital to the camp is located about 15km, and the closest school is located about 2km.

Most IDPs fear from returning to their areas due to government forces control on them since the forces did not give IDPs any sort of guarantee not to be arrested. The government forces arrested all young men who returned to those areas in order to be recruited within their factions.

Hawayej Theyab Camp:

It is located in the village of Hawayej Theyab in the north of Euphrates river, in Al Kasra sub-district. It is located nearby the houses of Najm Al Salman families in the village.

The camp includes twenty tents that host twenty-seven families who fled Al Shola village seven months ago, along with IDPs from Zghair and Al Hawayej due to government forces control.

Photo pf Random Tents in Hawayej Theyab Camp area on 16-03-2018

The IDPs of this camp do not receive any aid, and no organization/agency supervises the camp. The IDPS suffer from lack of healthcare, except for some vaccines that took by children.

The closes hospital to the camp is located about 12km.

Some students attended the schools in the village.

Abu Khashab Camp:

It is located in Abo Khashab village, which is held by SDF, in Al Kasra sub-district. It was established in October 17th 2017. There are more that 320 families who fled from the government forces held areas, especially from Al Boukmal, Al Mayadin, and Al Ishara. There are some Iraqi families in the camp.

Abo Khashab Camp on 17/3/2018

Some organizations provide aid and bread to the camp IDPs including:

ERT: it supervises the process of distributing bread.

BAHAR: it supervises the water and hygiene.

Concern: it provides food items to the IDPs.

The Kurdish Red Crescent provides medical services and vaccines along with women’s clinic supervised by a midwife

 Abu Khashab camp on 17/3/2018


The camp suffers from lack of specialized physicians’ visits to the camp. The healthcare is limited to a number of nurses who pay visits on weekly basis.

The camp management allocated one tent for education, however, the needed requirements are not available. The management also allocated a security point.

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