A Report Issued by the Campaign about The Violations of ISIL in Deir ezZour

The suffering of the people in Deer Al-Zour is continuous in the two places (the place under the control of the Islamic State and the one under the control of the Syrian Regime). Some of the group’s violations are blockading of the areas that are under the control of the regime, preventing goods and food from entering the areas of Jura and Al-Qosour and the closing of all roads leading to it.
– The areas in the Deer Al-Zour province, which was brought under control by the Islamic State group since the seventh month of 2014.
The group continues dominating all aspects of life in the city as we have already mentioned where it closed schools and then allowed opening them according to a new policy imposed on the curriculum and teachers.
The Health Sector:
Lack of medicines, medical materials and the medical staff are to continue due to the intervention of the group and its members in work and management to the extent that a representative of the group has been appointed in each hospital or clinic. In addition, all foreign medical institutions have been prevented from entering the city to provide assistance.
Relief Sector:
Relief sector has become almost non-existent in the city after it was covering 80% of the needs of civilians after their work and their wages stopped because of the war. The Islamic State group has closed all relief organizations in the city and all the international organizations to work at home, but under its control and supervision.
Electricity was switched off about 70 days ago. suffering of civilians continues due to the onset of summer and high temperatures up to 45 degrees, and hospitals’ needs for electricity increase suffering because of their dependence on electricity mainly in operating hardware and equipment.
In this month, the new thing of the group is a number of executions. 66 people by names have been executed within the period stretching from 20/05/2015 until 26/05/2015, mostly in the countryside of the city because of multiple charges. It has been observed an increase in the brutality of the group against the civilians after the US landing operation in Al-Omar field on 16/05/2015.
In addition to the curfew imposed by the group in the city about a month ago. The people live a kind of siege in the city as a punishment for them because of not accepting the existence of the group and the lack of access to a large number of bargains.
We appeal for help to the United Nations and all international organizations to document the violations against civilians in Deer Al-Zour and Media coverage on these crimes to ease the suffering of civilians in these areas and to transfer the image to the world about the tragedy they live.

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