A statement issued by Justice for Life Observatory in response to what was issued by ICRC

The International Committee of the Red Cross issued a graph, on Dec. 15, showing that it has sent 162 tons of food and medical items to the besieged Deir Ezzor since the beginning of the current year.

Since the very beginning of the siege laid on Deir Ezzor on Jan. 5th 2015, several shipments   of food to the besieged neighborhoods as follows;

  1. A shipment on 13.04.2015 that includes 20 tons of food (10 tons of margarine – 10 tons of rice). The shipment was distributed between 12.05.2015 – 18.05.2015 to the people who fled from the following neighborhoods: Al Jbayla- Seenama Fouad – Al Hameedeya – Al Shaykh Yaseen – Al Haweeqa – Al Rushdeyya – Al Matar Al Qadeem – Ganamat – Al Arfy in addition to the people who fled from other provinces, excluding the population of those neighborhoods.
  1. A shipment on 12.08.2015 that was declared by the Syrian Red Crescent that should be distributed as food parcels at 13.700g per one. the Syrian Red Crescent distibuted none of what declared.
  2. On November 2015, the branch of Syrian Red Crescent distributed about 1000 food parcels that include: Two pieces of cheese, two packets of juice, 200g of sugar, 200g, of macaroni, and 400g of margarine.
    Likewise, the province distributed food parcels to the employees of government that values 5000 SP on November 2015.

These are the only shipments that were enterred to Deir Ezzor and not all these shipments were distributed.

The committee did not bother to prepare a report that shows the conditions of the people who are suffering from the siege as they admitted today on its own webpage, but it evaded responsibility and pretended that it has done its duty towards the civilians. Furthermore, the committee did not indicate the answers for many questions; were those aids really entered? , who received them in Deir Ezzor?, who distributed them ?. Whereas, we confirmed that the regime has distributed a part of those parcels to its loyalists.

The International Committee of the Red Cross should devote more effort to see the sufferings of those civilians as they need even a loaf of bread.

Justice for Life Observatory confirms that:

  1. What was issued by the ICRC is evading responsibility and clear pretending that it has done enough for 180000 people.
  2. There is a deliberate attempt for leaving the civilians encountering their destiny alone after being let down by ICRC.

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor demands the following:

  1. JFL demands the ICRC to issue a report for the civilians’ conditions in the besieged neighborhoods.
  2. ICRC shall bring to light the details of those aids; time of entering, who received them, were they distributed as required?.
  3. ICRC shall supervise directly on the distribution of the aids that will be distributed to the besieged neighborhoods.
  4. We respect, trust, and appreciate the efforts of ICRC, and we demand them to respect the cries of sick and hungry people.

Justice for Life Observatory in Deir Ezzor
On December 15th 2015

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