A statement issued of the campaign about the bombardment of Al-Sheikh Yaseen neighborhood 8/7/2015

In the morning of the 8th at 6:20 the regime forces targetted Al-Sheikh Yaseen neighborhood (which is under ISIS control) with two rockets sent from a rocket launcher, it fell in the middle of the inhabited neighborhood where there are more than 700 families, which led to the death (martyrdom) of a whole family, they are:
1- Zakareyya Al-Haj Hazzaa
2- Oula Anwar Al-Haji (Zakareyya’s wife)
3- Mohammad Zakareyyah Al-Haj Hazzaa
4- Shahad Zakareyyah Al-Haj Hazzaa
5- Raghad Zakareyyah Al-Haj Hazzaa

Eye witnesses in the field hospital have assured the injured who were taken from the bombardment site were experiencing rash accompanied by nose-temperature and lung infection with difficulty to breathe. Most had worst cases with inability to breathe unless through a breathing utility, some cases had major Epileptic Convulsion/seizure,

The campaign recorded 12 cases of suffocation due to the bombardment where injured people were taken to Farmix local hospital (which is in the auto car road) and ISIS members didn’t allow anyone to video shoot anything, the campaign also recorded (through witnesses) the presence of a red material on the ground right after the bombing which is thought to be forbidden materials that were carried by the rockets which fell in the neighborhood.

Zakareyya Al-Haj Hazzaa
Zakareyya Al-Haj Hazzaa
 from right to left Raghad, shahad, Mohammad Zakareyyah Al-Haj Hazzaa
from right to left Raghad, shahad, Mohammad Zakareyyah Al-Haj Hazzaa
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