Airstrikes on Al-Mayadin…And the death of Five members of the same family in the besieged neighborhoods

The JFL organization has documented several airstrikes on Al-Mayadin city and the outskirt of Deir Ezzor military airport , in addition to an airstrike by a drone aircraft which belongs to the Islamic state on the besieged neighborhoods of the city.

The reporter of the JFL has mentioned that fighter jets which are most likely belong to the US-led coalition targeted the water crossings in Al-Mayadin city in Deir Ezzor,s countryside on the date of 6 May 2017 with several airstrikes, and he explained that one of the airstrikes targeted the area nearby the former barrack of the military security and killed a young man in that airstrike.

The reporter added:” fighter jets targeted the outskirt of Deir Ezzor,s military airport and the Cemetery, and he pointed out the Syrian red crescent has resumed the distribution of the relief aid which contains: Sugar(5kg), crushed lentil(7kg),Salt (1kg), Margarine(1kg),Tomato paste(1kg) “

The reporter said:” a member of the National defense militia was killed on 7 May 2107  in the clashes between the Islamic state and the regime forces in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor,s military airport”.

He continued:” on the date of 8 May 2017 a drone aircraft belongs to the Islamic state bombed Al-Wadi street in the besieged neighborhoods under the domination of the regime forces with two shells , and that led to the death of 5 civilians of the same family including 3 children”.

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