Al-Bukamal… The Economic movement is almost suspended due to dealing by Dirham” the currency of the Islamic state group”

Al-Bukamal city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor is living in a very difficult living situation, the Economic movement in the city is almost suspended, in addition to the prohibitively high prices of the foodstuffs which are already scarce.

The resources of the Justice for life in Deir Ezzor organization said:” 40 % of the shops in the covered market of the city ( Al-Souk AlMakbi) are closed, and the Tailoring Markets ( Novoteh markets) are almost standstill because the Islamic state has imposed dealing by Dirham In buying and selling operations”.

    The resources of the JFL clarified that the prices of the scarce foodstuffs are very high, in addition to the increasingly displacement of populations from the city, he added that the city has been living in electrical outage for a year till now, and the residents depend on Generators, the water comes but not daily, it is very dirty and it is Full of sediment.

The resources pointed out that the telephone bill is about two Dirhams and that equals 2000 SP, whereas services are very bad and the streets are full of garbage, there are no janitors, all of them have been forced to go to the battlefronts in Al-Raqqa and Hamima, the collectors of the Islamic state are taking money from the houses and shops for services.

The prices of fruits and vegetables in Al-Bukamal city:

Tomatoes 200 sp per kilo

Cucumber 400 sp per kilo

Eggplant 75 sp per kilo

Squash 500 sp per kilo

Okra 200 sp per kilo

Peppers 40 sp per kilo

Watermelon 150 sp per kilo

Melons 300 sp per kilo

Apples 300 sp per kilo

Oranges 500 sp per kilo

Bananas 1200 sp per kilo

Seven ice factories are working from 4:00 am to 10:00 am to ensure the needs of the city, and six bakeries are in service in Al-Bukamal city, the price of one bread loaf is 500 sp , whereas the price of 1 kg of bread is 235 sp .

The prices of foodstuffs :

Dirhams In In penny In Syrian pounds Name of food
50 500 Ice (1 mold)
2 80 2800  (Meat (1kg
1 30 1300 Chicken(1k)
3 50 3500 Kabab (1)
2 80 2800  Vegetable oil(4kg)
1 50 1500 Margarine (1Kg)
45 450 Sugar (1kg)
80 800 Rice (1kg)
4 4000 Tea (1kg)
      1 60 1600 Tomato paste (1100g)
1 50 1500 Olive oil (1kg)
2 50 2500 Baby milk
25 250 Milk (1kg)
1 50 1500 Noodles (2kg)
60 600 Spaghetti (1kg)
1 20 1200 Homs(1kg)
60 600 Lentils (1kg)
11 11000 Flour (50kg)
1 1000 Eggs plate 1
1 50 1500 Diapers

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