Alkwiria under fire

Saturday morning 25h June 2016 , Around 12 in the afternoon, 3 raids from warplane , highly possible to be Russian, hit on the Alkwiria town, the one under IS-held territory. A witness said to JFL “more than one warplane was flying on the sky during the raids, people didn’t notice them but after the strikes took a place on the town, the think make the warplane more likely Russian airstrike.

. Raids hit in the middle of the town, targeting “Al-Iman ” mosque before afternoon prayers, the time considered as highly crowed period in the mosque with prayers, also targeted civil area , which caused high casualties number , and damages in the buildings , JFL managed to document (19) Of them , including 8 kids and more than 10 bodies still unidentified until the time of writing this report. Strikes also injuries more than 90 civilian , most of them in critical condition , JFL pre-estimations about the total kills around 60 , because of the large number of the injuries , medical field points and hospitals there were not ready for similar situation, to receive this numbers of casualties at the same time or even to handle these types of casualties .

he documented names by JFL:

1-mhammad sulum aleabd alwahid.
2-alttaflat rayan aleabd alllah aleabush
3-khadijat jamil alkhlf
4-muhamd aleid alrramih
5-wahab alhamid
6-ywsf alhusayn almuhammad aleali
7-mhamd mahmud alssayir
8-the kid sultan hamid aleubayd
9-the girl nual muhammad eabd alkarim alkhlf 10-the jid jawd al’iibrahim
11-mislm hamdan alssultan
12-himayd aleubayd aleali .
13-fisl ‘asead alssaray .
14-‘amjad thamir al’aseud alssayir
15-bidr hamid alssultan
16-the kid ‘adham eabd aleazim ‘iismaeil
17-the kid ‘ayuhum eabd aleazim ‘iismaeil
18-the kid husam euthman alssultan
19-the kid mahmud zakariaaan trky alhajj

the massacre of Alkwiria is expansions of the other dozens of massacres Russian commit in the countryside of Deir Ezzor city, like the recent one in ” AlAshara ,Alshkeel , or Albulil ” in the current of this month ,June.Which also Accompanied with the killing of civilians .

The fight of terrorism does not mean we could target civilians too, neither getting silent not talking about it under this excuse. Thats why JFL demands the organizations , committees , local and international authorities institutes for the solidarity with the people of Deirezzor , whom under the random bombing because of the excuse “Fighting terrorism” , as we demand from the security council to stop Russian from targeting civilians.

 JFL in DeirEzzor 26 June 2016

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